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Try Not to Laugh at This ‘Talking’ Husky Puppy

Written by: Samantha H
| Published on June 20, 2019

Who doesn’t need a good laugh? This video delivers. A sweet puppy ‘talks’ to his mom and we can’t stop laughing, watching him try to communicate. Get to know this adorable, lovable, Husky baby. And if you fall in love as we did, you can follow this guy on his Instagram account.



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Say Hello to Ramsey

Kayla, Ramsey the Husky’s dog mom, loves to document her pup. She posts pictures and videos of him on her YouTube channel and Instagram account. She recorded one hilarious encounter with this adorable dog when he was just a puppy.

Just like any mom, Kayla wanted to capture her pup’s firsts. She got his first “words” on video. And she couldn’t contain her response.

Ramsey talking
​Source: Kayla Gay YouTube

Yep, we had a similar reaction to hearing Ramsey talk. Baby Ramsey, as Kayla calls him, tries to mimic his mom and communicate with human words.

In this video clip, Kayla holds Ramsey in her arms. He makes noises that sound a little strange coming from a dog. Soon it starts to sound like a baby learning its voice for the first time. Amazing!

Ramsey the Husky talking
​Source: Kayla Gay YouTube

Kayla can’t contain her laughter. With each babble from Ramsey, she throws her head back. She smiles widely. Meanwhile, Ramsey continues talking as if he wants his mom to understand what he is saying.

We aren’t the only ones laughing. Kayla’s video on Youtube has been viewed more than 15 million times. The commenters try to guess what Ramsey is saying. Many think he is attempting to say banana. Maybe his mom likes to eat them for breakfast?

Watch this hilarious video below. We bet you won’t be able to hold back a smile – just like Ramsey’s mom!

H/t Paw Buzz
Featured image c/o Kayla Gay YouTube channel

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