Two-Nosed Dog Saved From Euthanasia By Freakshow Family Who Loves His Snout!

You may have seen the show Venice Beach Freakshow on AMC–now, a two-nosed Aussie named Toby calls the talented troop family!

Despite their name, which is a reminiscent nod to historical sideshow acts, these folks are more unique than “freaks”–and couldn’t be more thrilled to have Toby join the team!

“I’m fascinated by weird animals’ beautiful differences and by the magical lessons that they teach us,” said Todd Ray, owner of the Venice Beach Freakshow, in a BBC article.

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The double-nosed dog was found wandering in Fresno, California and taken to a shelter. Because his physical oddity meant little hope for adoption, he was going to be euthanized. Luckily, Todd showed interest in the nick of time, and the NorCal Aussie Rescue held Toby in safety until he could be picked up and taken to his forever home!*

Courtesy: Venice Beach Freakshow

“The sad thing is that, at this time, people will let a two-nosed dog get put down before they will adopt him – only because he looks different,” he said to BBC.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.43.18 PM
Screenshot: venicebeachfreakshow via YouTube

In fact, the Freakshow founder seems to have an affinity for animals that come with pairs. He currently holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection of two-headed animals.

Toby 3
Courtesy: Venice Beach Freakshow

Happy that he’s home, Toby’s new family loves his sweet and playful demeanor, and it seems that his twin snouts aren’t causing any abnormal health issues.

Toby 2
Courtesy: Venice Beach Freakshow

“All my dogs have met someone that they didn’t like for some reason….but Toby Loves EVERYBODY! Toby only visits the Venice Beach Freakshow on special occasions and when he does, he gets a million hugs,” Todd told iHeartDogs.

Screen Shot 2016-03-16 at 12.43.47 PM
Screenshot: venicebeachfreakshow via YouTube

What a fascinating dog! Thanks to the Rays for embracing this beautiful pup’s one-of-a-kind (or, maybe, two-of-a-kind?) snout!

You can check out the Venice Beach Freakshow on Facebook and Instagram.

*This story has been edited. Toby was going to be euthanized by the shelter, but was held by the NorCal Rescue Aussie Rescue. Thank you for keeping him safe!

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