We would love to help you with any changes to an order, but unfortunately once an order is placed we are unable to “modify” an order (change shirt size, add to an existing order, etc.) Therefore, what we CAN DO is cancel and refund the existing order* so you can then place a new order. It is always best just to place another order if you need to add another item or make any modifications.

*If you need to cancel completely or change an item, please know that we can do our best to catch these within a 3 hour window from the time you placed the order. However, oftentimes apparel & mug items enter into production quickly and we cannot catch them in time OR before non-apparel items ship.

APPAREL/ MUG ORDERS: Every item in your order is 100% customized just for you and it is printed after you order, so please contact us immediately (as in right now) if you have any questions or issues. It may be too late, but sometimes we can catch your stuff before it’s produced. 

If you need further help with any of these issues, please get in touch with our Hero Support Team by using our contact form here.

When emailing in to cancel your order (if within the 3 hour window), please put CANCEL ORDER in subject line.