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15M Shelter Meals Donated 154K Toys Donated $315K Funded for Service Dogs 16K Blankets Donated 195K Rescue Miles Funded

Can you explain the Pets & Vets program a bit more?

Pets & Vets is a signature program of that works with groups around the country to support, sustain, and develop services to improve the lives of veterans, their families, and their pets. Throughout their work with veterans, they began to notice a critical connection to animals, particularly as a way to bring comfort to veterans suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD). They witnessed firsthand how much veterans benefit from companion animals, and how much these pets, often shelter animals, benefit from a chance at a loving forever home as well as a family to give their unconditional love. With a desire to meet these needs, started the Pets & Vets Signature Program, which supports.

Through our partnership with GreaterGood, we donate a portion of sales made from several dedicated products on our website via the Pets & Vets program. When you choose an eligible product from the store, your purchase will help pair veterans with service or shelter dogs.

The program provides funding to organizations that pair service dogs or companion dogs with veterans. Whether the individual seeking assistance is suffering from a disability or PTSD, the impact these animals have on the lives of these vets is undeniable and world changing!

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