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Tell me more about the K9 Body Armor program

This very important program serves those that have served us. Police K9s put their lives on the line for us every day. They need protective gear, such as body armor, eyewear, and bulletproof vests. The K9 Body Armor program fundraises for this gear. Funds from this cause also support emergency veterinary funding for injured Police K9’s

The gift of a bulletproof and stab-proof vest for a Police K9 CAN save a K9’s life by keeping them safer when criminals fight back, in just the same way that these vests protect human officers while on duty.

When a K9 police dog is injured in the line of duty, good medical care is not always a given due to tight municipal budgets. Also, these budgets are often insufficient to provide these canine heroes with the body armor and bullet proof vests that they need. In many situations, especially when the injuries are severe, cities turn to citizens to fundraise for the medical care for an injured K9.

Our goal with the K9 Body Armor collection was to create a symbolic way to show our support for our brave police force and to fundraise for K9 body armor and the medical expenses of our injured K9 heroes. We’ve partnered with to contribute these funds where needed. They fought for us, now let’s fight for them!

Funds are provided as a grant to benefiting organizations through

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