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Why does my tracking number not have any information available or say “number not found”?

Tracking numbers are issued by a shipper and then updated during the process. If a tracking number is issued, then it has been accepted and is in process. It can take up to 48 hours to update in a shipper’s system (from the time the tracking # has been assigned and package picked up).

We do send out the tracking email to you after the tracking number has been assigned (and thus picked up by shipper) to allow them time to update in their system and show you progress. In rare occasions, it does take the shipper a little longer to update the progress OR the shipper’s system was unable to get a read on the tracking label as it is doing down a conveyor belt during processing (which in most cases it is still delivered).

 How frequently it is updated with new information depends on the carrier (usually USPS, UPS or DHL). If you are still not seeing anything or if the number cannot be found after this 48 hours from the time you get the email, please contact our customer success team at so we can research the situation for you and provide an update.

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