UK’s “Wimpiest” Shelter Dog Turns 16 In Her Forever Home

The folks at Dogs Trust Rescue & Rehoming Charity in Glasgow, Scotland never say no to a challenge. In 2012, one of those challenges was a dog named Bonnie. According to The Glasgow Times, the terrier mix was afraid of “the dark, telephones, doorbells, other dogs barking, and to be left alone.” She had to wear a special compression coat to give her a “constant hug of reassurance.”

Poor Bonnie languished in the shelter for more than two years, alone and terrified. Her caretakers lovingly dubbed her the ‘UK’s wimpiest dog,” but deep down they feared her anxiety would keep her from ever finding her perfect human.

Photo via Facebook/Dogs Trust Glasgow

Then in 2014, Louisa Murphy spotted Bonnie online.

“I was looking for a dog on the Dogs Trust website and when I read Bonnie’s story it just really struck a chord with me,” she said. “I can be quite anxious too; Bonnie was just me as a dog.”

After convincing her mother to let her have a dog, Louisa used the money from her very first paycheck to adopt Bonnie.

“When she first came home, she was scared of everything and I wasn’t sure what to expect. After the first night where she couldn’t settle, Bonnie started to relax a little more and more each day and within a matter of weeks she was a completely different dog.”

Despite the best efforts of caring staff like those at Dogs Trust, shelters can be very scary places. It turned out all Bonnie needed was a stable, loving home away from all the daily chaos.

“Her anxieties melted away and having her has made me less anxious too,” said Louisa. “Getting Bonnie was honestly the happiest moment of my life.”

Six years later, Louisa works at a dog boarding facility and is just as devoted to her first and only dog. On November 1, in honor of Bonnie’s 16th birthday, she organized a little party complete with fancy dinner, presents, and doggy cupcakes.

Bonnie dined on chicken, mashed potatoes, and gravy before snarfing her special cupcake and opening her gifts – two new toys and a memory foam bed to help with her senior joints.

Photo via Louisa Murphy

Sandra Downie, the Rehoming Center Manager at Dogs Trust Glasgow said:

“Bonnie is such a special girl, and we are delighted we could help change her tale from anxious dog to beloved companion. From the canine carers and staff at the rehoming center who worked hard to ease Bonnie’s worries, to the rehoming team who matched Bonnie with Louisa and provided support to help her settle in, there were so many people behind the scenes working hard to ensure Bonnie got her happily ever after. It’s wonderful to see what a difference that meeting each other has made to both of their lives.”

Bonnie’s adoption story shows there is a home for every dog. Your perfect pooch may be timid or shy, older or differently-abled. You may hardly notice him or her at first glance. Trust the adoption specialists and let them guide you to the dog that best matches your lifestyle and personality.

H/T to The Glasgow Times

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