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Unloved Dog’s Body Turns Hard Like Stone, She Loses All Mobility & Waits To Die

| Published on May 14, 2023

A severely ill dog was discovered in a distressed state on a dirt road in Oropos, Greece. The dog had been neglected and malnourished for a long time and was suffering from a severe case of infectious mange, which had caused her skin to become scaly and hard like stone. The organization “Save A Greek Stray” gave the girl they rescued the name Petra, which is the Greek word for “stone”.

Source/Image Screenshot Credit: The Orphan Pet via YouTube Video

At the vet’s office, Petra’s advanced mange caught the attention of the caretakers who were worried about her condition. After conducting tests, they discovered that she was also suffering from leishmaniasis, Ehrlichia, and other health issues. Sadly, Petra had lost all hope and stopped trusting humans a long time ago. She only wished for her painful life to end.

After Petra’s story gained attention on social media, Valia Orfanidou, a dog rehab specialist, stepped in to assist Petra in recovering and regaining her strength. Valia recognized that more than medication, Petra required unwavering affection and attention from people. The video below documents Petra’s progress as she recovers and transforms into a beautiful, loving, and playful dog!


Source/Image Screenshot Credit: The Orphan Pet via YouTube Video


Update: We have learned that Petra was adopted by a kind woman named Laura! Laura loves calling her “The Girl Who Beat Death”, and hopes to give her all the finer comforts of life that Petra never had. We are so proud of you, Petra! Live well! It’s caring organizations and wonderful people around the world that take the time and effort to save these dogs and all animals in need!


Click below to watch the video of her incredible journey. We promise this ends with a happy ending!

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