UPDATE: Deaf Pit Bull Cries When Her Best Buddy Gets Adopted

A shelter dog was found inconsolably crying after she was left alone when her best friend got adopted.

Marshmallow, a deaf Pit Bull, have been best buddies with Scooby–a dog she shared a kennel with. The two were staying at the Unleashed Pet Rescue in Kansas, and they were the best of friends for around a year. You can see in the photo below how they loved to play with each other!

Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue via The Dodo
Source: Unleashed Pet Rescue via The Dodo

But Marshmallow was left alone in the kennel when Scooby was chosen by a loving family. The staff at the shelter found Marshmallow crying inside her kennel, hugging her toy, and missing her roommate.

You can see how sad Marshmallow is in the video below.

Marshmallow is clearly heartbroken, and she needs a home and a loving family to heal her broken heart. The staff at the shelter comforted her by staying with her and giving her toys.

The shelter staff did everything they could to find Marshmallow a home. And after just a few weeks, Marshmallow finally got adopted!

Just look at that big smile! She’s just so happy!

We’re so happy for you, Marshmallow! We wish you a long and happy life!

Marshmallow and Scooby have found the forever homes they’ve long been searching for. But there are still so many homeless dogs at the shelter, still waiting for their happy ending. Visit Unleashed Pet Rescue’s Facebook Page to find out how you can help.


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