UPDATE: Dog Who Chewed Off Own Leg Moves To Loving Sanctuary

Last summer, animal lovers rescued a neglected Pit Bull who had been tied near a pile of wood with no food, water, or shelter. When the leash got tangled around the dog’s leg, she thought she had no choice but to chew her leg off.

Luckily, Saginaw County Animal Care and Control stepped up to help the three-legged pup, whose name is Bella. Now, Bella has an amazing future ahead of her. The shelter staff found her the perfect home, but it’s not what most people would expect. It’s the best place for Bella to grow and regain trust in humans.

Dog chews leg off

Life-Changing Road Trip

Bella’s new home is at the Best Friends Animal Sanctuary in Kanab, Utah. It’s 1,800 miles away from the Michigan shelter, so the pup had quite the adventure ahead of her.

At the shelter, Bella’s leg had been treated, and she gained 15 pounds. Yet, the staff knew finding a home for her would be tricky since she had a lot of trauma and was protective of her food. They wanted to find her a home with someone who specialized in caring for traumatized dogs. So, they thought a sanctuary would be the best fit for her for the time being.

Volunteers traveling with dog

So, they decided that the Best Friends Animal Society’s sanctuary was the best place to take Bella. Animal Control officers Desi Sage and Abbe Balderstone accompanied Bella on the drive to Utah, which took four days. They shared adorable pictures of Bella along the way.

“Against all odds, Bella overcame being left for dead. I am honored to be able to be a part of her new life. I’m beyond thankful for Best Friends Animal Sanctuary ensuring that Bella will never endure such pain and agony again. I believe this next chapter in her life will help her move forward and hopefully eventually land her in a loving home with people that truly see how special she really is,” said Sage.

Pit Bull ready for road trip

Sanctuary Fit for a Queen

After traveling across the country, Bella is now settling into her new home, where she has already made herself comfortable. She has a cozy room to relax in and plenty of toys to play with. Even though she seems very happy where she is, the sanctuary hopes she can one day get adopted.

“Ultimately, the best situation for Bella will be to get adopted by a family, but she’s going to love life here at the sanctuary until she gets her forever home,” said Julie Castle, the chief executive officer for Best Friends Animal Society. “We are grateful we could help and play a small part in Bella’s life journey. This is why we do what we do. These are the moments that make the tough times all worth it.”

Dog at sanctuary playing

The staff at the sanctuary will take notes on Bella’s daily behaviors, so they can create the ideal training plan for her. They want to make sure the one-year-old pup gets settled in before they start working on her long-term goals.

Bella has come such a long way since she was first rescued. She has adapted well to having three legs, and she doesn’t let her trauma slow her down. She’s a happy dog who has such a bright future thanks to the many humans who believed in her.

Dog arriving at sanctuary

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