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Veteran And His Pit Bull Service Dog Denied A Ride On NJ Transit Bus! Can You Believe It?!

Written by: Modi Ramos
| Published on July 2, 2015

For one reason or another Pit Bulls have always had a bad rap. And why? They are beautiful, loving, charismatic, and so many other winning personality traits that have adorned millions of admirers all over the world. So you see, it’s really not fair to judge or discriminate against a breed that can really be one of the best there is. Daniel Wright served 11 years protecting our freedom in both the army and the marines, but unfortunately he know suffers from a serious case of PTSD. Thankfully he has been given a new lease on life thanks to his amazing service dog, Tank, a Pit Bull that is dedicated and loyal to him in ways that are truly astounding. Tank is trained to respond any time that Daniel suffers an episode, and is even able to calm him and actually fetch his medicine that he needs in these moments–and has even prevented him from injuring himself or others.

Recently when Daniel was set to board a NJ Transit bus, he was promptly denied entry when he attempted to board–with the driver rudely slamming the doors shut right in his face. Baffled, Daniel informed the driver that Tank was a service dog and thus guaranteed a right to be on the bus, to which the driver replied, “I don’t care” and still refused. When asked about the incident, Daniel said, “I just need awareness brought that there’s a lot of veterans out here with service animals, and they don’t have to be blind or deaf to have a service animal.”

Thankfully this disservice ended, when the next bus driver allowed Daniel and Tank to board without any issue after flashing his military ID.

We are so glad that the next bus driver had not only a heart, but also knew what was right in the eyes of a man who needs his service dog. All service dogs are equal, regardless of the reason they are needed. Tank is just as good as any other dog, regardless of his breed! Thank you Tank for being such an amazing dog!

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