Veteran Needs Help Finding His Stolen English Bulldog Named Gunny

A family in Pasadena, California needs help finding their beloved family member. Randy Koval and his wife, Andrea, returned home recently to find their sweet Gunny had vanished. Their English Bulldog, Gunny, either escaped or was stolen from their yard. Gunny and his dad share an unbreakable bond and Gunny’s family will stop at nothing to get him back. Gunny’s family doesn’t believe Gunny escaped on his own but the video captured that day of Gunny is leaves room for debate. What isn’t is the fact that he was taken. 

Mysterious Circumstances Raise Questions About Gunny’s Whereabouts

Neighbors had told the couple about a hole in their fence around noon that day. The family has two Dachshunds named Baxter and Bailey in addition to Gunny. Luckily Baxter and Bailey were spared and remained in the yard despite the hole. 

The Koval’s Ring security camera caught footage of a man picking Gunny up in the street and carrying him to a white box truck before taking off. It is unclear from the footage but it appears that there may be a chance Gunny did escape the yard on his own and the man in the video stopped to get him out of the street before he wandered into traffic. Regardless, Gunny is now nowhere to be found.

Photo Via NBC Los Angeles Facebook

Gunny is Irreplaceable and His Dad Needs Him

Gunny is especially important to his grieving dad. Randy Koval is a decorated veteran of the United States Marine Corp. He served tours in both Iraq and Afghanistan. The companionship of sweet Gunny has enabled Randy to transition back to civilian life. Gunny has given Randy the companionship he desperately needed after returning home from war.

“Gunny helped him emotionally more than I can tell you. We need to get him back,” Andrea Koval told NBC Los Angeles.

Randy Koval received Gunny as a Christmas gift from his wife when he returned home from deployment. The two have been inseparable ever since, making Gunny’s safe return even more urgent.

“It’s just a bummer, because you know, he’s my buddy,” Randy Koval explained.

Be On Alert and Report Any Gunny Sightings

Gunny is just over a year old. He is dark in color and has unique brown spots and radiant, brown eyes.

The Kovals filed a police report with the Pasadena Police Department. They’ve also posted fliers around the dog parks that they frequent. This is an unimaginable loss for Randy Koval because this is the second dog to be stolen from him. His other fur baby that went missing was also an English Bulldog.

If you believe you may have seen Gunny or know his whereabouts, contact the Pasadena Police Department.

You can watch the video of Gunny being picked up here.


h/t: NBC Los Angeles

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