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Veteran’s 100th Birthday Wish Is To Fund A Service Dog For A Fellow Veteran


Sgt. Nick Nichols is a WWII Army veteran who’s turning 100 years old on March 20th. On this landmark birthday, instead of gifts, there’s only one thing that he wants: to help a fellow veteran get a service dog.

Image Source: Cause 4 Paws-Sgt Nick needs YOU! via GoFundMe


Although Nichols would love a service dog of his own, at his age, it’d be difficult to care for a canine companion. But he knows how therapeutic these pups can be, and would love nothing more than to gift that to another veteran.

“Doing something to help veterans feels much better than getting any present,” he said via email in a story by PEOPLE.

“Ginger, a puppy in training, and Nick talking about treats!”

Image Source: Cause 4 Paws-Sgt Nick needs YOU! via GoFundMe


That’s why, with the help of his daughter Cheryl, he set up a GoFundMe page to raise money for Patriot PAWS Service Dogs, a non-profit organization that provide these life-changing companions to veterans for free. Nichols’ goal is to gather enough donations to help the charity fund one service dog for a disabled vet, which comes at a hefty cost.

“It takes approximately $34,000 and 2 years time to train just one dog!” explains the Cause 4 Paws-Sgt Nick needs YOU! donation page. “Won’t you help Sgt. Nick help his fellow veterans?”

“American Patriot, Sgt. Nick Nichols, 1942.”

Image Source: Cause 4 Paws-Sgt Nick needs YOU! via GoFundMe


At the moment, this selfless sergeant has raised $1,420 on a $34,000 goal.

“He is kindest, sweetest, most generous man I’ve ever known, that’s why it’s an honor to care for him,” added Cheryl in the story.

She told PEOPLE that she planned a birthday party for her dad, and appreciates every moment that they have together.

“The more time I spend with him, going over all the memories, he’ll tell me bits and pieces of stories, it’s just a blessing,” she said in the story. “I feel pretty blessed to have this opportunity to spend time with him.”

Sgt. Nick and Nugget praying for our veterans.”

Image Source: Cause 4 Paws-Sgt Nick needs YOU! via GoFundMe


What a sweetheart! If you’d like to help Sgt. Nichols provide this amazing gift to a deserving veteran, click here to donate.

Share this story, and together we can make this inspiring veteran’s wish come true!

(h/t: PEOPLE)

Written by Karen Harris

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