Pup Stayed As Far Away From His Family As He Could, Then They ‘Figured It Out’

Written by: Julie Hunt
| Published on September 13, 2023

Wally, a once-feral dog, has found a loving home and a new lease on life after being rescued from a life-threatening situation. The young pup had been living on the streets for months, terrified of people, sounds, and movement. His collar, which had been small when he left his family, became dangerously tight as he grew, putting his health and life at risk.


A team of volunteers set up a trap to catch Wally and bring him to safety. Upon arriving at the shelter, the clinic staff immediately took care of the frightened dog. He underwent surgery to remove the embedded collar and began the healing process. However, Wally remained terrified. He curled up in a ball in the corner of the room, avoiding eye contact and refusing to let anyone touch him.


The shelter staff knew that Wally needed a special family to help him overcome his fears and learn to trust again. That’s when Kat, Jared, and their dog Molly entered the picture. The couple and their canine companion seemed like the perfect fit for Wally, and they took him home to begin his new life.

At first, Wally was still very scared and required a lot of patience from his new family. They kept him in a harness and leash to prevent him from running away and slowly introduced him to the outside world. But Wally’s trauma of wearing a collar affected how he behaved when wearing his harness. Molly, the couple’s other dog, played a crucial role in helping Wally adjust to his new surroundings. She acted as a guide and a source of comfort for the frightened pup, showing him that he could trust his new family.


Once his family understood that he was petrified of the harness and leash, they took them off and let him run free in the fenced-in yard. Over time, Wally began to blossom and show his true personality. He started playing with toys and running around the yard. His new family was overjoyed to see him emerge from his shell and become a happy, playful dog.

Now, Wally is a beloved member of his new family, and his transformation has been nothing short of amazing. Thanks to the patience and love of all his family members, the once petrified dog has grown into the happiest little fella. To meet Wally and see his rescue, click play on the video below.

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