Compassionate Firefighters Free A Frantic Dog That’s Stuck In Fence

There’s nothing like seeing men in uniform take the time to rescue an innocent animal in need. That must be why a video posted on the West Sacramento Fire Department’s Facebook page has received almost 2 million views!

“Engine 44 arrived on scene to find this German Shepherd in a tight spot,” reads the video’s caption. This poor pup somehow managed to get his head stuck in the bottom of a fence!

Watch as the crew not only rescues the dog, but does their best to comfort it in the process:

While there’s no information on where the dog lives or how it got stuck, the Facebook post says, “Crews were happy to report there were no injuries and the dog is happy and healthy.” Seeing how kindly they treated the pup, we’re positive that these firemen made sure that the dog is in good care!

Thanks to the crew of Engine 44 for your compassionate rescue!

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