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Watch This Formerly Blind Dog’s Reaction To Seeing His Family After Eye Surgery!

Imagine going blind and not being able to see the world anymore. Now imagine the day that your vision gets repaired and you get to see your family again!

This is what happened to Duffy, an Irish Terrier.

“He’s a rescue dog and he’s had a lot of struggles with his health. He developed diabetes and lost his eyesight. With medication we got his diabetes stable and he qualified for eye surgery to give him back his sight,” explained YouTube poster Benjamin May.

You’ll tear up when you see this pup’s sweet reaction!

Source: Blind Dog Has His Sight Restored by Storyful on Rumble

Awww! Duffy is so happy, he’s crying! It’s so easy to see how much this pup loves his family–and how much they love him back!

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Written by Karen Tietjen

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