When Her Human Runs Inside Without Her, This Dog Doesn’t Try To Hide Her Impatience!


Note: We do not recommend leaving dogs along in the car, especially on hot days or for long periods of time.

Diamond the dog may not speak in human language, but she certainly knows how to get her point across! When her human took her for a ride and stopped to run into a store on a cool day, this pup didn’t last a minute before causing a scene.

“The dog, named Diamond, started barking and honking for the owner to hurry up,” reads this video’s summary on YouTube.  “Diamond’s owner was only inside for a couple minutes.”

But despite her tantrum, Tim and Yvonne Blankenship, who’d parked next to Diamond’s car to grab lunch, found the diva’s attitude quite entertaining. Luckily, they took a video so that we can laugh, too!

Watch how Diamond shows her impatience:

Well, Diamond certainly made sure that her human wouldn’t forget about her! And apparently, this is a tactic the pooch commonly resorts to.

“Local residents commented on Facbeook that Diamond has been seen around town on other occasions honking the horn at its owner,” the video summary said.

Since her humans are used to this sort of behavior, it must not embarrass them too badly. But we wonder if they’ll think twice about taking her along next time…

Written by Karen Tietjen

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