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Without Your Support, King May Have Never Found His Forever Family

Part of each sale through the iHeartDogs store is donated to Greater Good, which helps support various charities. Thanks to customers like you, happy endings, like the one below, are made possible. 

When a disaster strikes, shelters in nearby states will often intake adoptable pets from shelters in the affected area to make room for displaced owned pets to reunite with their families.

The grant from Greater Good helped Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation to intake, house, and care for dogs at risk due to Hurricane Harvey. It allowed the rescue to provide an immediate response in a crisis situation.

The funding meant they felt comfortable agreeing to rent kennel space, stock up on food, line up volunteers, etc. while getting their fundraising efforts off the ground to be able to do more. As a result of this project, they have (as of 12/12/17) taken in 205 dogs and 39 cats from regions affected by hurricanes from the 2017 season. Here’s one of those dog’s stories!


Image Source: Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation


King came to Lost Dog & Cat Rescue on September 2nd, immediately after Hurricane Harvey hit Texas and Louisiana. He bounded out of his crate, threw himself with an enthusiastic body slam into the nearest person, raced around the play yard as if someone had set a wind-up toy in motion, and never stopped moving for the rest of the time he was in our care. (This is evident by his blurry photo below!)

Image Source: Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation via FB


“We immediately pegged him as the ‘hard one’ in the group, and that was by and large true. He was friendly and fun and full of so much energy, we wondered who would ever be able to harness it.” – Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation

It took time. First, he needed treatment for a little mange, and later he cut his paw with his incessant jumping on the fence of his kennel to “visit” with neighbors. Healing that cut foot was a herculean task involving many destroyed e-collars, lots of bandages, and some sedating drugs to help him rest while it healed. Finally, though, the foot healed and King made his way to a few adoption events.

Image Source: Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation via FB


“We chose him to attend a special event at a Harley Davidson dealership where he wasn’t adopted but did get some fabulous photos taken of him with a handsome young man and some shiny motorcycles.” – Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation

Image Source: Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation via FB


Those photos caught the eye of a couple looking for a friendly, active dog, and they asked to meet King. It was love at first sight, and King is home with his new family working on his manners and loving life outside of a kennel.

Image Source: Lost Dog and Cat Rescue Foundation


Without the initial funding, they may not have been able to get started on this project that has helped so many animals and led to lasting relationships with shelter partners in the hurricane regions. Had King remained in a Louisiana shelter, burdened with the pressure of a never-ending stream of new dogs needing a safe place to land, he likely wouldn’t be alive. It took almost three months to get him into his home, and that luxury of time isn’t always available elsewhere.

“We are so grateful we were able to provide that for him.” – Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation

Lost Dog & Cat Rescue Foundation is one of the many groups that benefit from 
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Written by Courtney VanSickle
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