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Woman Shares A Lifetime Of Photos To Say Goodbye To Her Senior Dog

Losing a pet is one of the most devastating heartbreaks that a person can face. It’s an inevitable fact of pet parenthood, but is a day that no one ever wants to think about.

But what makes the final goodbye worth it all, is the love and joy that is shared through the years. The best way to get through the hard times is to hang on to all those beautiful memories, and cherish each and every one.

In order to commemorate her beloved dog and almost 16 blissful years they together, Imgur user Noved posted a heartfelt collection of over 60 memories, captured in photos.

When she was almost 16, this teen’s family got a Sheltie puppy and named her Missy. She spent her summer vacation at home with Missy, and the two became especially close.

Missy 1

Missy was always patient, putting up with silly antics. Every summer, they sculpted the pup into some sort of silly sea creature in the sand.

Missy 3

When Missy was two, her favorite human started dating a boy…

Missy 7

…who later became her husband.

Missy 14

The boy knew that Missy and her human were a “packaged deal”…

Missy 8

…and that was alright by him because he loved Missy, too.

Missy 9

The pup was there for big milestone moments, like senior prom…

Missy 13

When her humans bought their first home together…

Missy 15

And when they got married, of course!

Missy wedding

They brought her with them everywhere they could, so she wouldn’t miss a beat. Whether by car…

Missy Car


Missy 11

…or shopping cart, Missy was their constant companion!

Missy 10

She even got a kitty friend to keep her company. They were a happy family of four.

Missy 16

Missy enjoyed almost 16 years’ worth of holidays with her humans…

Missy 12

And as many birthdays.

Missy bday

And of course, there was Missy-themed cake!

Missy 22

A few days ago, Missy would’ve turned 16.

Missy 17

But she got too sick, just three days short.

“Our Vet said she was the oldest Sheltie he ever had and we went above and beyond for her. Missy was on several medications for heart disease which cost us hundreds a month,” said Noved.

Missy 18

They said their heartfelt good-byes. Missy crossed the Rainbow Bridge while feeling the love and comfort of her two favorite humans.

Missy Goodbye

“I wouldn’t want her to be around in pain for 3 more days just so I can say she made it to 16,” wrote the heartbroken poster. “So Imgur, instead of celebrating her Birthday with you, I wanted to celebrate her whole life with you.”

Missy 21

What an amazing life this beautiful dog had–and his humans are grateful for every moment spent together. If you’d like to see the full tribute with 60 photos, click here.


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Written by Karen Tietjen
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