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While Walking Down Rural Road, People Find A Box With 30 Puppies Inside

Written by: Julie Hunt
Julie Hunt is an avid dog lover and writer for, and has a background as a veterinary technician. She rescued a beautiful former bait dog named Rory.Read more
| Published on June 3, 2024

Animal rescuers encounter various tales of abandonment daily, but some stories are particularly heart-wrenching. When compassionate passersby discovered thirty tiny puppies clustered together in a worn cardboard box beside a rural road in Missouri, the entire team at Wright-Way Rescue in Illinois was astounded! While this rescue organization has assisted many puppies, they had never seen so many abandoned at one time. Typically, it wasn’t unusual for them to find puppies left in odd places, a reckless act by those looking to discard their pets without considering the risks.

Wright Way Rescue/Facebook

The discovery of thirty puppies together was beyond what anyone could imagine. “Sadly, abandoned puppies are a common sight for us, but finding 30 at once is beyond anything we could imagine. Who could abandon these helpless creatures?” WWR expressed in a Facebook post. The team quickly mobilized to aid these vulnerable puppies, though the rescue effort was no small feat. The rescue center was already caring for many dogs, but ignoring these needy pups was out of the question. The puppies required immediate and continuous veterinary attention in Missouri before they could legally be transferred to Illinois.

Wright Way Rescue/Facebook

To complicate matters further, the rescue identified that the puppies originated from at least three different litters, with some needing to be bottle-fed. Once their immediate needs were addressed, the puppies were transported safely to WWR. Upon arrival, the team ensured they received the necessary veterinary attention, including vaccinations, parasite treatment, and nutritious food. Unfortunately, the puppies were also infested with ticks, requiring prompt and careful treatment to prevent potentially deadly complications. While their past experiences remain unknown, one thing was clear—they all desperately needed love and affection.

Wright Way Rescue/Facebook

Fortunately, they were now in a place where they could receive plenty of care. Thanks to the efforts of dedicated volunteers, the puppies felt welcomed and cherished for the first time. The rescue’s story touched many outside the organization, prompting hundreds to comment on the Facebook post, expressing their sympathy and concern for the puppies’ plight. While the puppies will eventually be ready for adoption, for now, they require loving foster homes where they can thrive, learn essential behaviors, and become robust. Despite their challenging start, these puppies are on a path to a new chapter in life—one filled with love and happiness.

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