You Can Help Fly Snickers To The Forever Family Of His Dreams!

Not all pups enter the world in a perfect situation. While some puppies are welcomed into forever families from the start of their lives, some are simply dealt an unfair hand. That’s exactly the case for a small puppy named Snickers, who is just one example of the many unwanted litters in rural Oklahoma.

Snickers was brought into a local shelter with his littermate, Heath. Though this lovable pup would be swooped in an instant in areas with high adoption rates, he faced the threat of euthanasia in this crowded shelter. With almost every kennel filled and more animals being surrendered each day, Snickers was at great risk, no matter how much love he had to offer.


Snickers is just one of many dogs that are currently residing in over-crowded shelters in Oklahoma. Though we are all aware of the devastating impact COVID has had on the economy, we may not be aware of how that affects the animals of our country. With unemployment rates at an ultimate high and fur parents facing economical stress, owner surrenders in Oklahoma are surging. This also means that fewer families are in a position to bring a furry friend into their lives.

Right when it seemed like the odds were stacked against Snickers, an incredible opportunity came knocking at his kennel door. Snickers was swept up to safety by the Humane Society of Tulsa, and is awaiting an upcoming journey that will only be possible with help from animal lovers like you!


iHeartDogs has partnered with and Wings of Rescue to create the Operation Second Chance: Oklahoma Pet Rescue Flight. On July 18th 2020, iHeartDogs will sponsor an entire flight of 150 pets out of Oklahoma, where they will make their way to a rescue in Michigan. With such a high adoption rate in the area, their chance at finding a forever family is skyrocketed!

In the days leading up to this incredible transport, you’ll have the chance to help each and every pup make their way to a brighter future. With options for direct donation and proceeds from the Second Chance Movement products going directly toward the flight in the form of travel miles, you will play a direct role in making the magic happen!


We’ve released exclusive Second Chance Movement products that will help you spread the word on this important mission, as well as help dogs like Snickers in the process. Be sure to check out the list of products below, and keep up with the Operation Second Chance Movement to watch these lovable pups take flight!

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