You helped save them!

You helped save them!

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Thanks For Helping Us Fly 123 Dogs To New Beginnings!

If you’ve been following iHeartDogs this July, you may have noticed we began fundraising for a Wings of Rescue flight to save over 100 at-risk dogs from Oklahoma. In fact, you may have even supported the Operation Second Chance: Oklahoma Pet Rescue Flight. And if you did, every single one of us and all 123 dogs you saved are eternally grateful! As the coronavirus pandemic continues, Oklahoma reported its highest unemployment rate of all time in April 2020 at 13.7%. … Read more

Help Us Fly Bentley To The Forever Home He Deserves!

A dog named Bentley found himself in a desperate situation when he was surrendered to an overcrowded animal shelter in Tulsa. Though Bentley is a striking pup with an abundance of love to offer, he faced an imminent risk of euthanasia due to…

You Can Help Fly Snickers To The Forever Family Of His Dreams!

While some puppies are welcomed into forever families from the start of their lives, some are simply dealt an unfair hand. That’s exactly the case for a small puppy named Snickers, who is just one example of the many…

Transport Could Save Smokie, Surrendered During COVID-19

Smokie the Husky mix suffered a fate many dogs have during COVID-19. The poor pup got surrendered to a shelter by his person. He got a new job opportunity in…

Help Us Fly This Puppy From Oklahoma To Safety

For us dog lovers, it’s hard to look into a puppy’s eyes and not want to take that fur baby home.

You Can Help This Mom And Her 11 Pups Fly To Safety

Eponine is a small, sweet dog and new mama. She has 11 beautiful puppies! Unfortunately, these 12 dogs were found…

You Can Help This Surrendered Mixed Breed Find Love Again

Oklahoma has suffered a lot during the coronavirus pandemic. Sadly, a lot of families’ struggles have led to more dogs being surrendered.