You Can Help This Mom And Her 11 Pups Fly To Safety

Like many places around the world, Oklahoma has been hit hard by COVID-19. Even harder hit are the shelters in the area and the poor pets surrendered by their owners who are dealing with job loss, even illness. That’s why iHeartDogs has stepped forward to save some of these homeless pups.

On July 18th, 2020, the Operation Second Chance: Oklahoma Pet Rescue Flight, with the help of Wings of Rescue and, will fly a total of 150 at-risk animals out of Oklahoma. They will be brought to an amazing rescue in Michigan, where their chances of adoption are much higher. Eponine and her 11 puppies are just some of the many dogs that will be saved. The most amazing part? This transport is made possible by purchases from the iHeartDogs store – and YOU can help!

Items purchased from our Second Chance Movement collection provide transport miles taking dogs from high intake areas to places with open kennel space.

Rescue Dog Transport Flight

Meet Eponine & Her Pups!

Eponine is a small, sweet dog and new mama. She has 11 beautiful puppies! Unfortunately, these 12 dogs were found on the side of the road in a rural area of Tulsa. They were scared and all alone, but they never gave up hope. In Oklahoma, it could be difficult for them all to find loving homes. So, they will be aboard the upcoming Oklahoma Pet Rescue Flight.

Small Dog With 11 Puppies

This family of dogs needs to be rescued because Oklahoma shelters are overcrowded with surrendered pups. If these dogs aren’t rescued, they will be at risk of euthanasia.

On top of that, less people are able to adopt at the moment, let alone keep their dogs. Oklahoma had its highest reported unemployment of all time in April 2020, which was 13.7%. This has caused many people to surrender their dogs due to financial reasons and loss of housing. Sadly, these poor dogs have no idea why they’re being left behind. We need to show Eponine and her litter that there will be a happily ever after for them!

Fluffy Dog in Rescue Flight

You can help bring Eponine and her 11 puppies to safety. All you have to do is purchase Second Chance Movement products from the iHeartDogs store and travel miles will be donated to save dogs like Eponine and her pups. Thank you to all the kind Heroes out there who have purchased products to help dogs in need!

Shop & Transport At Risk Pets To Safety!

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