You Can Help This Surrendered Mixed Breed Find Love Again

Oklahoma has suffered a lot during the coronavirus pandemic. Sadly, a lot of families’ struggles have led to more dogs being surrendered. iHeartDogs felt the need to help as many homeless animals as possible. Through iHeartDogs’ Second Chance Movement, travel miles are donated via our charity partner GreaterGood towards nonprofits that transport pets from high intake areas and bring them to places with open kennel space. So, every Second Chance Movement purchase can save lives.

On July 18th, 2020 iHeartDogs’ Operation Second Chance: Oklahoma Pet Rescue Flight will fly 150 shelter pets out of Oklahoma and to Michigan, where they are much, more likely to get adopted. One of the many dogs that will be aboard that flight is adorable Scrappy, thanks to purchases from the Second Chance Movement collection.

Dogs on Rescue Flight

Meet Scrappy!

Scrappy is a 3-year-old Italian Greyhound and Chihuahua mix. He had what he thought was his loving forever family… however, when things got tough, his family realized they could no longer care for him. Instead of surrendering him to the shelter themselves, they gave him away to a stranger in Tulsa park.

Sadly, it seems that the stranger wasn’t looking for a dog, so now Scrappy has no place to call home. Before, he thought his life was perfect, but now, he’s lonely and scared. You can see the fear and confusion in his eyes just by looking at his adorable face. Poor Scrappy needs someone to show him what a true loving family is like.

Italian Greyhound Chihuahua mix

Oklahoma shelters have become overcrowded due to several factors. First of all, as we state often here at iHeartDogs, many people choose not to spay or neuter their dogs. Additionally, there’s a lack of heartworm prevention. For these reasons, more dogs are ending up in shelters, and unfortunately, most of them are at risk of euthanasia. That’s why Scrappy is so desperate to escape Oklahoma and find a safer location.

The problems in Oklahoma have been even worse lately due to COVID-19. In August 2020, Oklahoma had its highest reported unemployment rate, which was 13.7%. So, these economic hardships caused many families to surrender dogs for financial reasons or due to a loss of housing. Scrappy was just one of the many dogs who were left behind without knowing why.

Three Puppies in Crate

You can help bring Scrappy to safety by purchasing Second Chance Movement products from the iHeartDogs store. Every purchase raises more money for the transport. So, thank you to all the incredible heroes out there who have bought products to rescue dogs like Scrappy!

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