Transport Could Save Smokie, Surrendered During COVID-19

Smokie the Husky mix suffered a fate many dogs have during COVID-19. The poor pup got surrendered to a shelter by his person. He got a new job opportunity in Las Vegas, a pretty big feat during a pandemic that prompted record-breaking job losses. But sadly, he couldn’t bring Smokie or his other dog with him. Animal surrenders have surged during the pandemic as people lose jobs and means to support them.

Oklahoma, where Smokie lives, reported its highest unemployment rate of all time in April 2020 at 13.7%. One very unfortunate side effect of economic hardship is animal surrender. Now, crowded shelters are receiving more formerly housed animals and they’re running out of space. This just adds on to the high number of strays due to a lack of spaying and neutering.

It’s situations like these that make transport so urgent. Perfectly adoptable dogs like Smokie can avoid euthanasia by relocating to an area with more adopters and empty kennels. That’s what the Operation Second Chance: Oklahoma Pet Rescue Flight is all about.

Operation Second Chance: Oklahoma Pet Rescue Flight

On July 18th, 2020 iHeartDogs will sponsor an entire Wings of Rescue flight of 150 pets out of Oklahoma. From there, these adoptable animals will make their way to a rescue in Michigan. Their chances of adoption increase dramatically in this area.

You can help us save these pups! This July 2020, iHeartDogs will be fundraising for the flight from Oklahoma. If you purchase eligible Second Chance Movement products, travel miles will be contributed towards the flight. You can also, of course, make direct donations to the cause.

Smokie got left behind, but one flight could get him into a new loving home!

How The Second Chance Movement Funds Rescues

Every item in the Second Chance Movement collection provides travel miles via iHeartDogs’ charity partner These miles go to charities that facilitate the transportation of adoptable animals, like Wings of Rescue. The miles get them from areas of low-demand to areas of high-demand by reducing transportation costs.

Wings of Rescue relies on donations for funding. Their pilots are all volunteers. Under this model, Wings of Rescue has flown 99 flights, transporting 7,161 animals (4,868 dogs, 2,276 cats, 13 pot-bellied pigs, 3 rabbits, and one Cockatoo) to safety.

On July 18th, with your help, 150 more animals will fly to happy endings. One of those happy, deserving pups is Smokie.

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