You Helped Feed A Dog On The Brink Of Starvation

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When Buzz Lightyear came to Amore Pit Bull Rescue in 2014, the poor thing was starving. He was basically nothing more than skin and bones. The rescue staff presumed Buzz had an abusive and neglectful past. Everything seemed to confuse or frighten him.

This poor boy definitely needed some high-quality food. Thanks to a donation by’s Rescue Bank, Buzz has completely transformed. He’s healthy, and most importantly he’s happy!

He almost looks like a different dog! He just needed to beef up a little to become his best self. The busy shelter needed a little help from us to help him.

“When housing between 25 and 35 dogs at a given time, it’s hard to buy enough food to feed them all. We get some donations here and there, but nothing we could really count on. Now that we have been given this opportunity, we know our rescued dogs will never miss another meal. We appreciate Rescue Bank.” – Amore Pit Bull Rescue

How Does Rescue Bank Work?

Rescue Bank operates on the national food bank model, accepting food donations from manufacturers, distributors or retailers.Their suppliers include brands like Pedigree, Purina, Friskies, and Iams.

When nutritious pet food nears its “best by” date, has minor packaging defects, or is being re-branded, manufactures will donate that food. Then, Rescue Bank makes food grants to community-based animal welfare groups. These donations allow the rescues to use their funds where they’re most needed, like additional spay/neuter and vet services, facility improvements, adoption events, and more.

Rescue Bank utilizes regional distribution centers which dole out the donations to pre-qualified non-profit groups.

Buzz’s Story

Despite his incredible transformation with Amore Pit Bull Rescue, Buzz still longed for his forever home. Through no fault of his own, the sweetheart was adopted twice and returned. The rescue shared Buzz’s plight on Facebook.

“This handsome guy has been adopted TWICE and returned! Why? Because the adopters decided they didn’t have time for him after a week!!! It’s not fair to Buzz to be returned like a pair of shoes!”

Buzz spent over three years living in the shelter. It broke the staff’s heart to see him there so long when he could be giving love elsewhere.

“After only two days of knowing freedom, of having a bed to sleep on, and his own people to love, life has thrown a cruel wrench into the life of his adopters and he’s found himself back with us. Three years is too long to live in a kennel, yet that’s how long Buzz was with us and where he’ll find himself again unless we find an adopter or committed foster to help.”

Fortunately, Buzz Lightyear’s day finally came at the end of 2018! He now lives in his forever home and that’s where he’ll stay.

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