Young at Heart is a Shelter Designed Specifically for Senior Dogs and Cats

Usually, at animal rescues and shelters, senior dogs and cats are the ones that wait around the longest. Most families are looking for a young puppy or kitten to spend their life with, so the older animals often get overlooked. However, senior dogs and cats have so much love to give. They just need the right family to come by and appreciate them. So, Young at Heart Pet Rescue recently opened a Young at Heart Senior Pet Center in Woodstock, Illinois to provide a place for all the senior animals to stay as they wait to be adopted.

Image: @youngatheartpetrescue/Facebook

What is Young at Heart?

Young at Heart is the first animal shelter of its kind in the Chicago area. This shelter only takes dogs and cats that are 7 years or older, so it was built specifically for senior animals. This means that it has heated floors, natural lighting, and plenty of outdoor space. Plus, it’s designed to be easy to clean up after the animals.

The dogs and cats at Young at Heart are often rescued from other shelters where they were at risk of being euthanized simply because they were older. Even though there are so many reasons to adopt a senior, many families just don’t even consider them. Sometimes, older animals just need a little extra time to find their forever home, but sadly, a lot of shelters don’t usually allow them that time.

Young at Heart wants to make a difference for seniors though. They will give them the time that they need to find the perfect home. They’ll care for these elderly animals for as long as needed to and make sure that they still have a great life while they wait.

Image: @youngatheartpetrescue/Facebook

How Young at Heart Saves Dogs and Cats

Young at Heart Pet Rescue originally started back in 2005, however, the shelter opened in September 2019. It’s the perfect place for senior dogs and cats to stay while they await adoption. The shelter is always looking for volunteers because senior dogs and cats really just want people that can spend time with them.

Also, senior animals often have more medical issues than younger dogs and cats, which is another reason why people might overlook them. However, Young at Heart does everything they can to make these animals as healthy as possible. 

Image: @youngatheartpetrescue/Facebook

Every animal at this facility receives the veterinary care they need. Young at Heart never turns away animals that require extra medical attention. All senior dogs and cats are welcome because they are all equally deserving of a home.

Since their grand opening, lots of people have come to visit the adoptable seniors. All the adoptable dogs and cats are up to date on vaccinations and ready to move on to their forever families. Dogs at this shelter are $200 and cats are $100.

There are so many rescues and shelters out there looking to save dogs and cats. Young at Heart is taking a new approach to animal adoption though. They want to save the lives of all the senior animals out there and give them the lives they deserve. If you are interested in adopting a senior animal or volunteering for Young at Heart, then please visit! Every person that helps could make a difference for a dog or cat.

Image: @youngatheartpetrescue/Facebook

Featured image: @youngatheartpetrescue/Facebook

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