Starved Pit Bull Chained To Tree Becomes The Prettiest Girl

A monster chained a starving Pit Bull to a tree outside an abandoned house and left her to die. But she wasn’t going down without a fight. She cried out, over and over again, until someone heard her and called for help.

Screenshot via YouTube

Her rescuer, an amazing man named Jason Flatt with Friends to the Forlorn Pitbull Rescue, used bolt cutters to free her. The dog was so well-behaved. She happily walked alongside her human hero on a leash. She couldn’t wait to leave that horrible place and start her new life.

Screenshot via YouTube

Flatt describes the experience in the video, “To hear that dog scream, I think about it now– I tear up about it. It was just like OH GOD, I gotta help that little dog.” The Pit Bull, now named Zoe, left quite the impact on Flatt who had seen cases like hers before. Zoe was special and he carries her close to his heart always.

Screenshot via YouTube

Zoe’s next stop was a foster home. As each day passed, Zoe learned what it meant to feel love and give love. She was finally in an environment where she could thrive! Her transformation is incredible. Zoe turns into the most beautiful dog! Zoe’s story is far from over and just gets better.

Please, if you ever encounter an animal in need, call for help immediately. We are so grateful Zoe was found in time!

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Feature Image Courtesy Of Friends To The Forlorn Pit Bull Rescue/Facebook

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