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10 Things You Should NEVER Do While Walking Your Dog

It may sound simple, you leash your dog up and you take him for a walk. But you may be surprised at how many people end up injuring themselves while walking their dog. In fact, the Journal of Safety Research, shows that dogs and cats contribute to injuries that send an estimated 87,000 people to emergency rooms every year. And this number is considered low, since many people do not seek medical attention.

#1 – Wrapping Leash around Wrist

A lot of don’t give it much thought; wrapping the leash around your wrist is a great way to make sure your dog does not get away from you. It is also a great way to get injured should your dog bolt. A women fractured her wrist when her 20lb dog went to chase a cat.

@MarkScottAustinTV via Flickr
@MarkScottAustinTV via Flickr

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