100 Denver Dogs Close Out Pool Season With A Splash

The Parks and Recreation Department of Denver, Colorado closed out the city’s pool season this weekend with more than 100 water-loving pups!

The fourth annual “Dog-A-Pool-Ooza” event welcomed pawrents to bring their fur kids for an end-of-summer splash at Cook Park pool before it is drained, cleaned and winterized.

“It’s a fun way to cap off the whole summer and really just kind of end on a bang,” recreation director Leslie Pickard told Fox 31. “We know Denver loves its dogs, so we’re really just trying to get people out, and get them engaging with recreation in a different way.”

10 other pools in addition to Cook Park closed this past Sunday, many of them staffed by students who have headed back to school for the fall.

Those who missed out on Dog-A-Pool-Ooza will have one last chance to join in the fun with another event at Berkeley Park pool on September 2. It’s just $5 per dog!

The sun is still out! Do you have a dog that loves water? If your dog doesn’t sink like a stone and you’re thinking about hitting the beach or the pool before the summer is over, check out this post on water safety before your pup dives in!


H/T & Featured Screenshot via Fox 31 Denver

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