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10 Best Dog-Friendly Beaches In The U.S.

The dog days of summer take on a whole new meaning when you have a pup that loves the beach as much as you do. There are holes to dig and waves to chase. Whether your pup prefers to sunbathe on the sand or swim in the salty water, a beach trip is fun for everyone involved. The issue is, not every beach allows your favorite four-legged beach buddy. You’ll have to find dog-friendly beaches where your pup is free … Read more

Protect Your Dog From These 7 Bugs This Spring & Summer

Bugs are a summer bummer. Your dog thinks so too. While it’s not pleasant to think about, bugs are a natural part of the season. But the more you know about hazards to your dog’s health, the better you can act if a situation arises. Plus, you can take preventative measures so you may not have to deal with these pests in the first place! Here’s what you need to know about the bugs that cause problems for dogs, and what you can … Read more

10 Great Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool This Summer

Summer is on the way, which means temperatures are rising and getting hotter every day! While we humans are lucky enough to be able to wear less layers and enjoy trips to the beach or lake, our pups need to find other ways to stay cool – and it’s up to us to help! Since our canines can’t tell us when they’re feeling overheated, check out these 10 ways to help our canines stay cool this season. 1. Exercise accordingly … Read more

100 Denver Dogs Close Out Pool Season With A Splash

The Parks and Recreation Department of Denver, Colorado closed out the city’s pool season this weekend with more than 100 water-loving pups! The fourth annual “Dog-A-Pool-Ooza” event welcomed pawrents to bring their fur kids for an end-of-summer splash at Cook Park pool before it is drained, cleaned and winterized. “It’s a fun way to cap off the whole summer and really just kind of end on a bang,” recreation director Leslie Pickard told Fox 31. “We know Denver loves its dogs, … Read more

Here’s What To Do When You See A Dog In A Hot Car

Every summer, dog owners say things like, “I’ll only be a minute,” and, “It’s okay as long as the window is cracked.” They go on to leave their pets trapped in their vehicles while the temperature climbs. When it’s 70°F outside, the temperature inside a parked car can reach 113°F in only a half-hour. Thousands of dogs a year suffer from heatstroke, and many die because their owners don’t fully understand the dangers of a hot car. Many states have … Read more

The Ultimate Guide For Planning A Summer Road Trip With Your Dog

The only thing better than a road trip is enjoying it in the company of our dogs! Since summer is the perfect time to embark on an adventure, you may want to start planning a trip with your favorite pup passenger. As fun as it is to hit the highway with your pooch riding shotgun (or rather, comfortably secured in the backseat), it’s our job as pet parents to be prepared and keep our dogs safe. Whether you’re headed out … Read more

6 Simple Ways To Keep Your Dog Cool During The Hot Summer Months Without AC

The summer heat can be hard on everybody, especially if you don’t have air conditioning. Since dogs wear a fur coat year round and can only sweat through the pads of their feet, they are more prone to overheating than humans. Luckily, there are many things you can do to help your pooch beat the summer heat. Here are 6 simple ways to keep your dog cool during the hot summer months. #1 – Avoid mid-day walks If your dog … Read more

6 Summertime Tips To Keep Your Dog’s Paws Safe

Since you usually wear shoes when you walk outside, you probably don’t spend much time thinking about how hot the ground is. Unfortunately, your dog likely doesn’t wear shoes when you walk outside and can burn his paw pads on hot asphalt. Watching your dog limp around the house because you weren’t mindful of their needs is something no dog owner would ever want, so here are 6 summertime tips to keep your dog’s paws safe. #1 – Walk your … Read more

Woman Fights Back When Confronted About Leaving Her Dog Outside In The Heat

As the swelter of summer sets in, warnings circulate the internet to help pup parents protect their dogs from heat-related hazards like burned paws, dehydration, and heat stroke. But some people remain unconcerned. In Cleveland, Tennessee, a concerned citizen posted a picture of a Pit Bull locked in a crate that was sitting on the baking concrete in the southern sun. The photo was shared all over Facebook, capturing the attention of Knoxville group Fighting For The Bullys Pit Bull Rescue.  The rescue approached the owner, … Read more

This Law Protects Dogs From The Sweltering Heat When Temperatures Get Dangerously High

You may recall from this past winter that the city of Indianapolis passed a new law that makes it illegal for dog owners to leave their pups outside in the extreme cold. But as temperatures rise and summer approaches, this same law will protect dogs from being subjected to unhealthy heat, as well. So when is it “too hot” for pups to linger in the sun? According to the ordinance, if it’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above, or if there is a heat … Read more

5 Ways To Prepare For Off-Shore Fun With Your Dog This Summer

As summer approaches, dog water safety is an important thing to consider, as dogs can drown in just minutes! Water activities can be a great source of fun for you and your canine; however before taking your pooch out for a paddle, preparing for the adventure is a must.  It is estimated that thousands of pets lose their lives in drowning accidents each year. A majority of these incidents could have been prevented if pet owners were more aware of … Read more