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This Law Protects Dogs From The Sweltering Heat When Temperatures Get Dangerously High

| Published on June 1, 2016

You may recall from this past winter that the city of Indianapolis passed a new law that makes it illegal for dog owners to leave their pups outside in the extreme cold. But as temperatures rise and summer approaches, this same law will protect dogs from being subjected to unhealthy heat, as well.

So when is it “too hot” for pups to linger in the sun? According to the ordinance, if it’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above, or if there is a heat advisory, it is illegal to let dogs stay outside and swelter–they must be taken someplace where the temperature is controlled (like in the A/C!). If the barometer reads between 80-90 degrees, they must have some sort of shelter where they can find shade from the sun.

dog hot

According to Fox News, the ordinance also defines a temperature of 20 degrees Fahrenheit or below to be too cold for canines to be left outside, and when it’s between 20-40 degrees, they need to have some sort of shelter available for warmth. A wind-chill warning or a tornado watch is also grounds to bring Fido indoors.

There’s more: it’s illegal to keep your dog chained outside overnight, and puppies under 6 months old can’t be chained at all. Dogs that are not spayed or neutered cannot be left tethered, and enclosures must provide at least 100 square feet of space (more for bigger or multiple dogs).

dog chain

Violators of the law face fines, and repeat offenders can have their pets taken away.

While some of this seems like common sense–like don’t leave your dog outside in inclement weather–some people simply don’t know where to draw the line between lounging outside and lethal exposure. This law intends to clarify any confusion, hold people accountable, and enables law enforcement to penalize animal neglecters.

Watch the news story here:

What do you think of this law? Should be adopted in all the states or in other countries? Tell us what you think!

Read more details regarding this law on Fox 59 News.

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