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UPDATE: Denver Could Still Overturn Mayor’s Veto That Re-Enforces Pit Bull Ban

Covering the story of Denver’s Pit Bull ban has been quite a rollercoaster. As I wrote just a few weeks ago, Denver’s City Council voted to pass a new code allowing Pit Bulls in the city. Just days later, Denver Mayor Michael Hancock vetoed the measure. The veto was the mayor’s first. Mayor Hancock refers to an attack on a 3-year-old child in 1989 that prompted the initial ban. He believes Pit Bulls pose a threat to public safety. Consequently, … Read more

New Law Could Mean Tax Break For People Adopting From Shelters

Anyone with a rescue dog will be quick to tell you how much a rescue has changed their life. Giving second chances to disadvantaged dogs is a reward in itself, not to mention the love and appreciation rescued pups give us. Yet while millions of dogs live in shelters, a large portion of dog people continue to buy designer or purebred dogs from breeders. The trend is in decline, but the issue remains. At least some lawmakers are working to … Read more

Atlanta Considers Bill To Ban Sale Of Pets From Puppy & Kitten Mills

This week, three Atlanta City Councilmembers introduced a bill to ban stores from selling animals from “puppy and kitten mills.” The legislation will move to the Public Safety Committee for consideration at the meeting on Tuesday, Oct. 23. Councilmember Amir Farokhi spearheaded the proposal, and it was co-sponsored by Councilmembers Carla Smith and Natalyn Archibong. Farokhi told First Coast News the ordinance is close to his heart. “Atlanta is a humane city and our policies toward animals should reflect that,” he said. “My … Read more

New State Bill Seeks To Ban Surgical Debarking

A Michigan lawmaker may have just become dogs’ best friend by introducing a bill to ban surgical debarking. State Representative Tim Sneller (D) has proposed this new ban based on the belief that robbing a dog of his bark is abuse, and hopes to prevent veterinarians from performing the surgery. Surgical debarking is a procedure that removes tissues from a dog’s vocal cords, softening a dog’s bark to a near whisper. Dogs use their barks for a variety of reasons, … Read more

Animal Abuser Slapped With 15 Year Prison Sentence In Dog Fighting Case

Warning: Some people may find the images in this post disturbing. Devechio Rowland has been sentenced to 15 years in prison and another 35 on probation for starving, abusing and abandoning more than 100 dogs in the woods of Polk County, Georgia last year. Approximately 30 animal rights advocates sat outside the courthouse with a few of the dogs that suffered at Rowland’s hands. Some cried when they learned the abuser’s sentence. “I’m not good at all,” one man told … Read more

Animal Protection Laws In The US – Where Does Your State Rank?

The Animal Legal Defense Fund (ALDF) recently released its 12th annual ranking of the United States in terms of animal protection laws. The information was collected in 2017, identifying which states ranked best, worst, and somewhere in between. A article published by the organization reports: “For the 10th year in a row, Illinois is in first place—followed by Oregon (2), California (3), Maine (4), and Rhode Island (5). Kentucky holds firmly to last place for the 11th consecutive year. It trails … Read more

Dogs Left Out In Freezing Cold Spark Outrage Over Lack Of Animal Safety Laws

While true dog lovers would never leave their pups outside in extreme weather – especially overnight – the recent cold snap across the US has advocates deeply concerned over canines who are being left outside in the elements. Sadly, many states lack laws that protect these helpless pets, leaving witnesses unable to help them without the potential of making the situation worse. Unfortunately, this is the case for the state of Rhode Island, where outrage has sparked over 6 dogs … Read more

New Legislation Hopes To Crack Down On Puppy Mills

The idea of a puppy mill makes dog lovers shudder because we know the horrific conditions that these innocent animals face for the sake of profit. Now, two US Representatives are trying to pass laws that would make it more difficult for irresponsible breeders to continue their practices. Just a couple days ago, Brian Fitzpatrick (R-PA) and Charlie Crist (D-FL) unveiled two bills to make waves in this widely under-regulated industry. The Welfare of Our Friends (WOOF) Act (H.R. 4691), would … Read more

New Law Limits Dog Tethering To 30 Minutes In Freezing Temperatures

A new portion of Pennsylvania’s Libre’s Law mandates that pet owners cannot leave animals outside in freezing temperatures without adequate shelter for more than 30 minutes. Area shelters are doing their best to warn citizens of the changes as temperatures begin to drop. Violations could result in fines and even jail time. Possible penalties include fines ranging from $50 to $750, and up to 90 days in jail for minor offenses. More serious cases involving neglect and abuse could result … Read more

Lawmakers Across The Country Are Cracking Down On Fake Service Dogs

19 US states now have laws making it a misdemeanor offense to pass off a pet as a service animal. The movement to stop this unethical and surprisingly harmful practice has gained steam over the past few years, spurring new legislation. Virginia enacted their law in 2016, with Colorado following suit this year. Massachusetts is currently considering a similar proposal. “Today, any pet owner can go online and buy a vest for a dog to pass it off as a … Read more

State Bill Is Aimed To Protect Dogs From Being Neglected & Left In The Heat

It’s always a good day when we hear that lawmakers have the well-being of our pets in mind! Legislators in Rhode Island have sent Governor Gina Reymondo a bill that makes responsible dog ownership law. House bill 5326 proposes using standards for sheltering and feeding set by a safety scale developed at Tufts University. The easy-to-use scale would determine when it would be necessary to get dogs out of the heat. Special consideration is made for dogs who are obese … Read more

22nd US State Adopts Law Banning Breed Discrimination

Lawmakers across the United States have long struggled with the issue of breed specific legislation (BSL). Their primary goal is to protect the people in their communities, but studies have shown that banning specific breeds has not improved dog bite statistics. Many states are revising their existing laws to protect dogs from being labeled “dangerous” or facing discrimination in shelters based solely on their breed. This past Friday, Governor John Carney signed House Bill 13, making Delaware the 22nd US … Read more

California Bill Aims To Save Dogs From Unnecessary Police Shootings

Approximately 10,000 dogs are shot and killed by American police officers each year. A proposed California bill hopes to reduce this number by requiring officers to undergo additional dog safety training. The police-canine encounters protection act is currently making its way through state committees in Sacramento and would require mandatory encounter training for all California peace officers. State Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian, who introduced the bill, told ABC7 that the goal of the police-canine encounters protection act, is to help protect … Read more

“Dangerous” Dog’s Death Sentence Stands Despite Pardon From Governor

An unprecedented case is making headlines and raising questions about dangerous dog laws. The fate of a 4-year-old Husky named Dakota remains undetermined as officials grapple with how to handle a gubernatorial pardon. Legal experts view the struggle as a sign that dogs are beginning to be treated less like property – as they are largely seen in the eyes of the law – and more like the sentient beings science has proven them to be. Many factors have stalled … Read more

Proposed Bill Hopes To Put Fake Service Dogs Out Of Service

Yet another state is taking aim at the shameful trend of passing off household pets as service dogs. Massachusetts has filed a bill modeled after similar laws in Florida and Colorado. If passed, it would become a civil offense to misrepresent a pet as a service animal in the Bay State. The bill further seeks to protect the disabled from receiving untrained or poorly trained dogs from unscrupulous organizations. Congratulations Shadow! We hear you are doing wonderful work as a … Read more

Texas Bill Aims To Regulate Dog Tethering Laws

Earlier this month, the Washington state Senate unanimously passed a bill to regulate and restrict the tethering of dogs. A similar bill, filed to the Texas House of Representatives, could lead to additional regulations in the Lone Star state. State Representative, Sarah Davis, brought HB 1156 before the House Public Health Committee yesterday. Davis argued that although the law currently restricts the chaining of dogs for extended periods, the legislation is confusing and difficult to enforce, allowing abusive owners to receive … Read more

Wounded Dog Can’t Stop Kissing Her Rescuers–And She Wants To Find Her Forever Home

You may have seen some of the recent press regarding “anti-tethering” laws. Some states have very specific regulations regarding tying dogs outside, others cover tethering in their animal cruelty legislation, and far too many still do not have any restrictions at all on their books. Marigold’s story sheds light on why these laws are so vitally important to the innocent dogs they protect. Marigold was named for her sunny yellow coloring and sweet disposition. She was first spotted by some … Read more

NYC Ban On Puppy Mill Sales Upheld By Federal Court

It has been just over 2 years since the city of New York passed a law restricting pet stores to selling only dogs obtained from breeders licensed by the U.S. Department of Agriculture or from shelters/rescues. Yesterday the Second Circuit – one of the most important appellate courts in the country – upheld that ruling. BREAKING: Today, the USDA re-posted some of the animal welfare data that had been removed from their website on February… Posted by The Humane Society of the United … Read more

Senator Pushes New Bill To Drastically Reduce The Number Of Shelter Animals Euthanized Each Year

Senator Kevin J. Rader of Florida certainly had the best of intentions when he proposed Senate Bill 1162. The Companion Animal Protection Act would require shelters to exhaust all possible alternatives before euthanizing any dog or cat. Roughly 3 million pets are put down in shelters each year. While we all want to see that number decrease, many critics fear the bill will create a whole new set of problems. MEET HARLEY! share the love Life is good…enjoy the ride! That … Read more

New State Law Would Allow Pet Owners To Write Off Thousands Of Dollars Worth Of Vet Bills

Every pet owner knows that our four-legged family members can be expensive to care for, especially when it comes to vet bills. While we know that our companions are worth the cost, paying for medical treatments can still be a burden, especially when an unexpected or emergency situation comes up. There are many pet parents who’ve even had to opt for euthanasia over expensive treatments when dire circumstances arise, with money playing a big role in making the heartbreaking decision. In … Read more

This State Has Proposed A Bill To Offer A Tax Credit For Adopting A Shelter Pet

Senators Peter Courtney and Alan Olson feel that the citizens of Oregon deserve a tax break for adopting a dog or cat from their local shelter. They have introduced Senate Bill 326 which would allow a tax credit of up to $100 for adopters who bring home a pet from one of Oregon’s rescue facilities. UPDATE! Our last dog (and also one of our longest residents) Rosco was adopted tonight! That means you helped send every… Posted by Willamette Humane … Read more

New State Law Allows Pets To Be Buried With Their Humans

New York state laws are evolving to please the pet-loving public. One of the newest allows pets to be buried alongside their humans. You may be thinking, “Wait a minute–pets aren’t allowed to rest in peace with their families?” According to a story by the The New York Times, “It is unclear how many other states allow pets to be buried with their owners in cemeteries meant for people. In general, said Mr. Fleming, of the state’s Association of Cemeteries, the practice … Read more

New Ohio Law Promises To Put Animal Abusers Behind Bars

As of Tuesday, September 13, 2016, a new law in Ohio has been put into effect that would make it a felony to abuse companion animals. According to WCMH: House Bill 60, also known as Dick Goddard’s Law, makes it a fifth degree felony to cause “serious physical harm” to any companion animal, which is defined as any animal kept inside a residential dwelling, and any dog or cat regardless of where it is kept. Serious physical harm includes depriving a pet of … Read more

New Law Gives Former Fighting Dogs A Fair Chance At A New Life

California just passed a law that no longer automatically classifies former fighting dogs as “vicious.” By labeling them as such, they are often faced with certain euthanasia. A photo posted by TOH Animal Shelter (@tohanimalshelter) on Jul 25, 2016 at 7:21pm PDT Law AB1825 states that dogs rescued from fighting rings are allowed to be evaluated by professionals, such as sanctuary staff and veterinarians, before being labelled as “vicious.” If they are deemed safe, they can go on to be rehabilitated, then put up … Read more

UPDATE: Breed Ban Charges Dropped; Diggy Gets To Stay Home!

UPDATE: Diggy gets to stay home! According to dog-dad Dan Tillery’s Facebook page, the charges against Tillery–that he owned a “banned breed”–have now been dismissed! “DIGGY is safe to stay at his home, with us in Waterford, MI furever. Thanks for all of the support everybody! We did it!” he posted. Original Story: When musician Dan Tillery adopted Diggy from the Detroit Dog Rescue, he couldn’t wait to post a smiling selfie with his new companion. Diggy, formerly named Sir Wiggleton, … Read more

Former Stray Dog Now Fights Crime With Her Ability To Catch Child Predators

This shelter dog in Manatee County is proving to everyone how amazing shelter dogs can be if they’re given a chance. Her name is Gia, and she’s now one of the only 10 dogs in the world who can detect certain hidden electronics like hard drives, memory cards, and flash drives which may contain child pornography. Dogs like Gia are used by the police to catch pedophiles. Gia, our newest K9 deputy who will work in CAC; trained as computer K9 … Read more

“Beware Of Dog” Signs: Precaution Or Liability?

Note: this is not official legal advice, just food for thought. Should you find yourself in a lawsuit involving your dog, you may want to consult the Boston Dog Lawyers, a law firm that exclusively represents pets and their owners. It’s a difficult situation for pup parents to consider: what if your dog attacked someone? How liable would you, as the owner, be? And would a “Beware of Dog” sign make an impact on the outcome, should you be taken to court? … Read more

This Law Protects Dogs From The Sweltering Heat When Temperatures Get Dangerously High

You may recall from this past winter that the city of Indianapolis passed a new law that makes it illegal for dog owners to leave their pups outside in the extreme cold. But as temperatures rise and summer approaches, this same law will protect dogs from being subjected to unhealthy heat, as well. So when is it “too hot” for pups to linger in the sun? According to the ordinance, if it’s 90 degrees Fahrenheit or above, or if there is a heat … Read more

Proposed Bill Would Make It Illegal For Landlords To Discriminate Against Dogs

In New York, a city notorious for its cut-throat apartment hunting and sky-high rents, a bill had been proposed that may make apartment searching for pet parents a little bit easier. According The Journal News, Bill A2065A would prohibit landlords from banning certain types of dogs from their properties based on breed, size, or weight alone. Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski, who introduced the bill, rescued his Pit Bull, named Ernie, 6 years ago. A photo posted by Kenneth Zebrowski (@kenzebrowski) on Mar 24, 2016 … Read more

UPDATE: California Law Passed To Protect Good Samaritans Who Rescue Dogs From Hot Cars

UPDATE: We reported about the “Hot Dog Bill” being proposed in May. On Saturday, September 24th, Gov. Jerry Brown signed the bill to become a law, according to abc 7. Let’s hope more states follow suit!     Back in March, the state of Florida passed a law allowing good Samaritans to break into hot cars to save the lives of dogs in distress. Florida is one of a few states to pass such a law after it was pioneered by the state of … Read more

Proposed Michigan Law: Leaving A Dog In A Car Could Become A Felony

Michigan Senate is taking dogs’ welfare seriously, and for good reason. Every year, without fail, people leave their dogs for too long in cars that are too hot, or even too cold. This is a form of neglect, and the cause of completely preventable injuries and deaths. While you’d think it’d be common sense to not leave your dog sealed in a hot metal box on an 80-degree day, well, common sense isn’t always so common. In order to make the message even … Read more