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New Law Gives Former Fighting Dogs A Fair Chance At A New Life

California just passed a law that no longer automatically classifies former fighting dogs as “vicious.”

By labeling them as such, they are often faced with certain euthanasia.

Law AB1825 states that dogs rescued from fighting rings are allowed to be evaluated by professionals, such as sanctuary staff and veterinarians, before being labelled as “vicious.” If they are deemed safe, they can go on to be rehabilitated, then put up for adoption. With this law, good-hearted former fighting dogs will finally have a fair chance at a good life. 

Given countless success stories of loving dogs that have emerged from lives of abuse, including many of Michael Vick’s former fighting dogs, it only makes sense that all dogs are evaluated on an individual basis. We’d like to commend California lawmakers for bringing the state another step forward in the realm of animal rights.

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(h/t: CBS Los Angeles)

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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