Proposed Bill Would Make It Illegal For Landlords To Discriminate Against Dogs

In New York, a city notorious for its cut-throat apartment hunting and sky-high rents, a bill had been proposed that may make apartment searching for pet parents a little bit easier.

According The Journal NewsBill A2065A would prohibit landlords from banning certain types of dogs from their properties based on breed, size, or weight alone.

Assemblyman Ken Zebrowski, who introduced the bill, rescued his Pit Bull, named Ernie, 6 years ago.

“There’s no causation between the behavior of a dog and the specific size or breed of the dog. Time and time again, you can point to studies that show it’s mainly the proper training or improper training of a dog that leads to their behavior, and not some sort of genetic predisposition to being mean,” he said to The Journal News.

If the bill passes, landlords still reserve the right to completely ban pets, limit the number of furry friends tenants can have, or ban individual animals who have been deemed dangerous or aggressive, “which includes canines that have attacked someone unprovoked,” explains the article.

Do you think this should be a law that spreads throughout the US? Tell us!

(h/t: The Journal News)

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