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Former Stray Dog Now Fights Crime With Her Ability To Catch Child Predators

| Published on June 4, 2016

This shelter dog in Manatee County is proving to everyone how amazing shelter dogs can be if they’re given a chance.

Her name is Gia, and she’s now one of the only 10 dogs in the world who can detect certain hidden electronics like hard drives, memory cards, and flash drives which may contain child pornography. Dogs like Gia are used by the police to catch pedophiles.

What makes Gia extra special is her background. Gia was a stray and she was dropped at the Bishop Animal Shelter. She’s a former stray dog who now has an important and amazing job–now that’s really something!

Instead of buying a dog that’s already trained, deputies at Manatee County decided to adopt a dog instead. This way, not only will they save money, they also help save a dog’s life and lessen the population at the shelter.

Watch the video below for the full story!

Isn’t she amazing?! Gia is showing the whole world that there’s so much shelter dogs can do!

You can read more about Gia’s story at BarkPost and at WFLA.

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