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Kind-Hearted Officer Pulls All-Nighter To Protect The Neglected Stray Puppy He Rescued

Rescuing a stray puppy may not be a police officer‘s job, but some kind-hearted officers don’t do it for the job. Some genuinely want to help the little ones who can’t help themselves. Officer Kareem Garibaldi of the Lakeland Police Department in Florida is one of those wonderful people. Officer Garibaldi worked an early morning shift one Saturday in May 2016. As he drove his patrol car, he nearly ran into a small Pit/Boxer mix puppy. The 8-to-10-week old pup … Read more

Therapy “Dogtor” Delivers Care Packages To First Responders

When Loki the Therapy Rottweiler needed help, her friends at the University of Maryland Medical Center (UMMC) were there for her. Now that the tables have turned, Loki and her mom, medical student Caroline Benzel, are delighted to return the favor. Amid the chaos of the coronavirus pandemic, the pair are distributing “Hero Healing Kits” to medical personnel on the front lines. Benzel adopted Loki intending to make her a hospital therapy dog. Inspired by the pooch that visited her … Read more

Puppy Left For Dead After Hit-And-Run Accident Adopted By Officer Who Rescued Him

A young German Shepherd mix struck by a vehicle in Indiana this summer could have lost his leg. Instead, thanks to the police officers who rescued him, he kept all limbs and even gained a forever home. One late night back in August, a car hit the then 4-month-old puppy, knocking him into a ditch. The car didn’t even stop. He was left there to die. Thankfully, a tow truck driver passing by saw him there and called 911. There … Read more

Police Officer Ensures That Puppy Found Freezing Will Never Be Cold Again

One unusually cold day in January in Daytona Beach, Florida, when temperatures dipped below freezing, an anonymous tip led animal control officers to a wet and VERY cold tiny Pit Bull puppy. They warmed her up in their police car the best they could with a blanket and their body heat, as well as holding her near the car’s vent so she could be heated by the warm air. Then, they took her to Halifax Humane Society. Police Spokesperson Lyda Longa … Read more

K-9 Gets A Hero’s Goodbye On His Last Day

It’s a day that every pet parent dreads: saying goodbye to their beloved companions. And for K9 handlers, they’re not just bidding farewell to their best friends, they’re also losing their partners, and often, their life savers. Officer Michael D’Aresta of the Middletown Police Department in Connecticut escorted his loyal best friend to the vet one last time while he received salutes on all sides. After recently falling ill, Hunter was diagnosed with aggressive liver cancer. Not wanting to see … Read more

Police Smash Car Window To Save Dog From 100 + Degree Heat

When the summer sun is shining and the windows are closed, it only takes a few minutes for a hot car to turn deadly. While most pet owners recognize the dangers associated with leaving animals in locked cars, too many don’t understand exactly how serious the situation is. That was the case in Boynton Beach, Florida when a concerned passerby found a pit bull locked in a hot car.   Police learned after the fact that the owner was … Read more

Police “Sting Operation” Reunites Woman With Her Dog

Seven weeks after his incredible escape from a Las Vegas doggy daycare, a handsome Husky named Loki is home safe. It turns out Melissa Nelson’s service-dog-in-training was not lost in the desert, he was picked up by a couple who refused to give him back – even after Loki appeared on local news. Thanks to a tip from the mother of his captor and a successful police sting at a local liquor store, Loki was finally reunited with his rightful … Read more

California Bill Aims To Save Dogs From Unnecessary Police Shootings

Approximately 10,000 dogs are shot and killed by American police officers each year. A proposed California bill hopes to reduce this number by requiring officers to undergo additional dog safety training. The police-canine encounters protection act is currently making its way through state committees in Sacramento and would require mandatory encounter training for all California peace officers. State Assemblyman Adrin Nazarian, who introduced the bill, told ABC7 that the goal of the police-canine encounters protection act, is to help protect … Read more

This Organization Makes Sure K-9’s Are Cared For Even After Their Service

After their service, military and law enforcement heroes deserve to relax in retirement – after all, they’ve spent their careers putting their lives on the line in order to protect their communities and country. Their K-9 counterparts also bravely face danger for the greater good, but aren’t guaranteed the same benefits as they reach their golden years. That’s where Project K-9 Hero comes in.   This organization is dedicated to making sure that four-legged officers get the care they deserve, … Read more

Senior K-9 Dies In Handler’s Arms, Gets The Hero’s Goodbye She Deserves

When K-9 Keylo passed away with her human partner by her side, the community mourned for the lost hero. The black German Shepherd worked on the police force in Bath, Maine with her handler, Corporal Michelle Small. She served for over a decade, and assisted in an incredible 333 apprehensions in addition to sniffing out evidence including drug paraphernalia. To the small town community, she was a treasure. “What struck me the most is not just how much everyone in Bath loves … Read more

Firefighter Surprises Officer With Puppy After He Loses His Dog In A House Fire

Police officer Doug Armstead of Bluffton, South Carolina, suffered a tragedy on the first of December when his family’s house burned to the ground. Thankfully, he, his wife, and his five children were not in the house at the time; but sadly, their beloved dog Anni died in the fire.   Eric Swanson was one of the firefighters who arrived on the scene, along with his wife, Lottie Campenella, who’s on the Firefighter Assistance Support Team. Campenella watched as Armstead received the … Read more

Lost Dog Sneaks Into Police Cruiser & Gets A Ride Home

When Deputy Hammell left his patrol car open and running on a chilly winter evening, he had no idea there’d be a surprise guest in the passenger seat when he returned! Hammell, an officer with the Tuolumne County Sheriff’s Office in California, was investigating a suspicious vehicle around one in the morning. He kept his car running so it stayed nice and toasty, leaving the driver’s side door ajar. That’s when Ruger, a Black Lab who’d been lost, found a safe place to warm up! Hammell returned … Read more

Lost Dog Gives Officer “Attitude” When He’s Put In The Police Van!

Police get their share of attitude from the public as they try to uphold the law, but this time, a canine was the one to dish out some sass! Const. Craig Murphy with the Summerside Police Department in Prince Edward Island, Canada, Tweeted a hilarious picture of a dog he’d picked up during his shift. It turns out that the 5-month-old Black Lab was discovered by a truck driver who’d returned to his rig to find a surprise. “He had left the door … Read more

Police Respond To Call About Intruder & Discover That The Culprit Is…A Dog!

When police answer calls for help, they can never be sure what to expect or how dangerous a situation may be. So when they arrived on the scene of a potential intrusion, they were prepared for the worst…but ended up getting a really good laugh! Deputies from the Sonoma County Sheriff’s Office received an emergency call from an 18-year-old man who believed an intruder had broken into his home. He said that his dogs were barking like crazy, and he heard strange noises coming from inside … Read more

Abandoned Dogs Become Partners To The Cops Who Rescued Them

We’ve read a lot of stories and seen photos and videos of dogs being abused, and our hearts break every time we see them. But stories about dogs being rescued and getting a chance to live a happy and loved life mend our broken hearts. Policemen in Chile have found themselves new partners after they rescued a group of abandoned dogs. Someone abandoned the dogs at a vacant lot near the police headquarters. Thankfully, kindhearted policemen were stationed there. They … Read more

Former Stray Dog Now Fights Crime With Her Ability To Catch Child Predators

This shelter dog in Manatee County is proving to everyone how amazing shelter dogs can be if they’re given a chance. Her name is Gia, and she’s now one of the only 10 dogs in the world who can detect certain hidden electronics like hard drives, memory cards, and flash drives which may contain child pornography. Dogs like Gia are used by the police to catch pedophiles. Gia, our newest K9 deputy who will work in CAC; trained as computer K9 … Read more

Police Force Honors K-9 On His Last Day With A Tribute Fit For A Hero

On the day that K-9 officer Zeus was taken to cross the Rainbow Bridge, the Ridgefield Police Department gave him the goodbye he deserved: one fit for a hero. After 9 years of service, he’d retired in 2014 because he suffered from a degenerative hip disease, which progressed over the next year. When the pain was too much, the valiant German Shepherd was taken for a final ride in a squad car to Ridgefield Veterinary Hospital, where as his colleagues stood to salute him. As … Read more

Police Pursue Dog Who’s Fleeing On Foot (See The Footage!)

On Sunday, the California Highway Patrol (CHP) embarked on a type of chase that they had never experienced before. Running from law enforcement on the San Francisco Bay Bridge was a little black Chihuahua, who was finally pulled over by an officer on a motorcycle. Now, of course he wasn’t in trouble, and the police were chasing him so they could bring him to safety. (Do you really think this little sweetheart could’ve done anything wrong?) Luckily, they apprehended the the sweet … Read more

UPDATE: Officer Hickey Purchases His Former K9 At Auction…Wait Till You Hear The Price!

UPDATE 2/6/15: Officer Hickey was able to purchase Ajax for…(drum roll, please….) a whole dollar! Over $72,000 was raised on their Go Fund Me page and will be used to purchase bullet-resistant vests for K-9’s. You can check out the whole story via NBC news.  Original feature below: While K-9’s are trained to work with their human police partners and live with their families, the dogs are not necessarily “owned” by their handlers. Officer Matt Hickey from Marietta, Ohio felt blindsided when he learned that after he retired, … Read more