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Police Smash Car Window To Save Dog From 100 + Degree Heat

When the summer sun is shining and the windows are closed, it only takes a few minutes for a hot car to turn deadly. While most pet owners recognize the dangers associated with leaving animals in locked cars, too many don’t understand exactly how serious the situation is. That was the case in Boynton Beach, Florida when a concerned passerby found a pit bull locked in a hot car.

Posted by Boynton Beach Police Department on Monday, July 3, 2017


Police learned after the fact that the owner was on the way home from the dog park when they decided to run an errand. They assumed they’d be in the bank only a few minutes, but with the temperature hovering around 91 degrees, their dog was in serious danger the second they closed the door. Within ten minutes, the interior temperature of the car was over 100 degrees. The dog was panting and in obvious need of help.

The Boynton Beach Police Department arrived at the scene and didn’t waste time looking for the dog’s owner. An officer stayed by the car while others searched the area. After 15 minutes, they had no choice but to smash the window. An officer broke through the glass and reached inside to unlock the door. From there, the suffering Pit Bull was lead out of the heat and into safety.


Help came in time for this dog, but many others aren’t as lucky. The Boynton Beach Police Department posted a warning on Facebook outlining the dangers of trapping an animal in a hot car. They said,

“Repeat after us…it is never OK to leave your pet in an unattended vehicle.”

Animal Cruelty Investigator Liz Roehrich reported that the motives behind leaving a dog in a hot car are not usually malicious. Most pet owners are otherwise responsible and caring toward their animals, but they think their pet will be fine as long as they’re only gone for a short amount of time. They don’t realize leaving an animal unattended in a vehicle is illegal in at least 26 states, and for good reason.

Posted by Boynton Beach Police Department on Monday, July 3, 2017


The owner of the Pit Bull was cited and educated about what could have happened if an onlooker hadn’t contacted the police. If you’re ever tempted to leave your dog in the car, even for a few minutes, take advice from the Boynton Beach Police Department. They say,

“…stop being lazy (harsh, yes, but true.) Bring your pet home and then go back out to run whatever errands you need to do.”

Featured Image Source: Facebook/Boynton Beach Police Department

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Written by Amber King
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