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Lost Dog Gives Officer “Attitude” When He’s Put In The Police Van!

| Published on October 31, 2016

Police get their share of attitude from the public as they try to uphold the law, but this time, a canine was the one to dish out some sass!

Const. Craig Murphy with the Summerside Police Department in Prince Edward Island, Canada, Tweeted a hilarious picture of a dog he’d picked up during his shift.

It turns out that the 5-month-old Black Lab was discovered by a truck driver who’d returned to his rig to find a surprise.

“He had left the door open to his truck and went inside the building, came back out and there was a dog sitting in the driver’s seat of the truck,” Murphy explained in an article by CBC News

In hopes to locate the puppy’s family, Murphy snapped a picture to post on social media–and caught a silly expression on his face!

The caption reads:

Found on Greenwood Dr. When asked his name he stuck his tongue out and refused to answer. Please call 902-432-1201.

The hilarious picture began getting shared.

“I like to see people retweeting and sharing the pictures like that because in the event that we had some difficulty tracking down the dog’s owner, that circulates much faster around the community,” Murphy said in the story. “Everyone’s on social media now so it’s definitely a big help.”

The Summerside Police Department has since Tweeted that the pup–named Max–has been reunited with his family.

In cases like this, we love the power of social media!

(h/t: CBC News)

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