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UPDATE: Breed Ban Charges Dropped; Diggy Gets To Stay Home!

| Published on June 13, 2016


Diggy gets to stay home!

According to dog-dad Dan Tillery’s Facebook page, the charges against Tillery–that he owned a “banned breed”–have now been dismissed!

“DIGGY is safe to stay at his home, with us in Waterford, MI furever. Thanks for all of the support everybody! We did it!” he posted.

Original Story:

When musician Dan Tillery adopted Diggy from the Detroit Dog Rescue, he couldn’t wait to post a smiling selfie with his new companion.

Diggy, formerly named Sir Wiggleton, is a 2-year-old pup who had been at the shelter for several months, waiting for his forever home. When he and Tillery met, the bond was instant, and both were thrilled to have found each other. With an adorable picture as proof, it’s no wonder that this snapshot of pure happiness went viral. This should’ve been a happy ending, right?

Wrong. You seen, Tillery’s town of Waterford, Michigan has a ban on Pit Bulls. Known as Breed-Specific Legislature, or BSL, such laws often ban bully breeds and exist in certain cities.

According to Huffington Post, on Thursday– just days after adopting Diggy–police showed up at Tillery’s home responding to calls from neighbors who complained that he was breaking the Pit Bull ban. The article states that the officer determined that Diggy did seem like a Pit Bull, and Tillery agreed to have the dog out of the home by Monday in an effort to avoid confiscation.

But here’s the real kicker: according to the Detroit Dog Rescue, Diggy isn’t even a Pit Bull. In fact, a vet from the rescue determined that he is an American Bulldog. He has even been licensed in the town of Waterford as such, reports ABC news.

But there is one piece of contradictory evidence working against Diggy’s case. In a 2-week old post on the rescue’s Facebook page, the former Sir Wiggleton is described as an American Bulldog/Pit Bull mix.

Additionally, there is an unfortunate piece of the BSL that Waterford law enforcement is holding on to. “A loophole in the town allows police officers to essentially ban any dog they believe to be a pit bull at their personal discretion,” reports Huffington Post. Plus, as law enforcement states, it’s their job to adhere to the ordinance.

Today is supposed to be the end of Tillery’s grace period to re-home Diggy without penalty, which could include a $500 fine or a call to court, according to The Oakland Press. But he–along with thousands of supporters–keeps fighting.

According to ABC, if the dog is determined to be an American Bulldog by a vet appointed by police, the pup can stay with Tillery. If he’s decidedly a Pit Bull or Pittie mix, he has to leave the town.

Huffington Post says that if Diggy has to be removed, the rescue will take him back. But, everyone’s hoping it won’t come down to that.

Whether Diggy is a Pit Bull or not, BSL is controversial and widely thought to be ineffective. In support of Tillery and Diggy, a petition has been circulating to lift the Pit Bull ban in Waterford. As of this morning, there are over 51,000 signatures.

What would you do in this situation?

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