12 Reasons We Secretly Wished Dogs Stayed Puppies Furever

We love our dogs unconditionally from the day we take them home until the fur around their muzzles turns gray. But there is something about a puppy that is so undeniably irresistible, it sometimes makes us wish that they could stay that little furever!

1. For starters, there’s the obvious cute factor.

Resist patting this little pup? #fail

Pug puppy

2. Their ears and paws are extra big.

“The better to hear you with, my dear!”

floppy ears

3. And they’e just sho flerffy!

Is this little guy even real?

pom puppy

4. They have that gleeful, floppy puppy gait…

“Derpa derpa derp!”

puppy run

5. And they’re curious about everything.

“Now, what’s over there?”

curious puppy

6. That silly head tilt is just TOO CUTE TO HANDLE!

“Who? Me?”

head cock

7. They’re absolutely shameless about claiming what’s theirs…and they manage to stay adorable while doing it.

Check out that mischievious side eye.

doodle in bed

8. Their itty-bittyness makes them extra portable.

“I will take you EVERYWHERE I GO!”–New pup parent.

Puppy sleep in the car - Imgur

9. Plus, it’s fun to see what teeny-weeny objects they can fit in.

“Would you like a spot of tea?”

puppy in a cup

10. But the most amazing thing is how puppies fall in love with you from that very first gaze…

“I wuv you.”

puppy eyes

11. And how trust and loyalty are just part of their nature.


loyal puppy

12. Puppies have an innate, innocent happiness that is completely contagious.

Fact: life is better with puppies.

happy puppy

But when you start feeling especially nostalgic for your woofer’s puppy days, just remember the things that you won’t miss:

Muddy puppy is muddy - Imgur

Ah, the good ol’ days!


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