12-Year-Old Dog Finally Reunited With His Family After He Went Missing For 10 Years!

How would you feel if your dog goes missing? How would you feel if after years has gone by, your dog hasn’t been found yet?

We cannot imagine the worry and the pain dog owners go through when their beloved dogs go missing. But we admire how they do everything they could just to find their furry family members. Some of them never lose hope even though their dogs have been missing for years.

The dog in the video below has been missing for 10 long years. This 12-year-old dog named Charlie was finally reunited with his family after being separated from them for 10 years. Charlie was rescued, examined for a microchip, and taken to a vet where he’s undergoing tests for a cancerous tumor.

Watch the video below for the full story.


The family couldn’t believe that after a decade, Charlie would be found and returned to them!

We hope Charlie will get the treatment that he needs. For now, he’s back with his family who will give him all the love and comfort that he needs.

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