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14 Dogs Who Helped Their Human Parents Make Pregnancy Announcements!

We dog owners consider our pups to be part of the family, so it only makes sense that when it starts to grow, they’re involved in sharing the big news. For many couples, their dog is their first “baby,” and they’ll always have a piece of their human’s hearts. When a new human comes along, it means exciting changes for the fur family members, too (and they know something big is about to happen)! Here are 14 adorable pregnancy announcements where the pups get to steal the show.

1. It takes two…to share good news! 

PA 1
Pearl Pear Designs via Etsy

2. Superdog, meet Superbaby.

Lilly La Manch via Etsy

3. Man’s best friend? Try baby’s best friend.

Chalking It Up Boards via Etsy

4. “Finally! Someone to blame stuff on!”

Merry Me Design & Co. via Etsy

5. “A human? For me?!”

Art Studio 54 via Etsy

6. Gang’s all here!

727 Happily Ever After via Etsy

7. (Don’t tell the dog the human isn’t just for him.)

8. “We’re thrilled. Seriously.”

A photo posted by @pregnancyannouncements on

9. “Another little brother?!”

10. Check out this thrilled threesome.

11. “We’re not bad influences…promise.”

A photo posted by Etsy Store ChalkingItUpBoards (@chalkingitupboards) on

12. The baby will make for a well-rounded crowd. 

A photo posted by Heather Gershon (@hrgershon) on

13. “Bed on wheels! Is this mine?”

A photo posted by @becomingmumma on

14. “I have a feeling they’re hiding something from me.”

A photo posted by Pico&Pedro (@picoandpedro) on


Did your dog help make your birth announcement? Share your pictures with us!

( Feature photo adapted from Lilly La Manch via Etsy.)


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Written by Karen Tietjen
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