15 Dog Breeds That Totally Love Warm Weather

Some dog lovers live in warm climates, whether they’re in the United State’s Southwest, the South African desert or tropical climates a beautiful island. For these folks, picking a dog breed that’s right for them can be a little more difficult than just what they think is beautiful and a good personality fit – dogs living in these regions should be suited for warmer environments. That doesn’t mean a Saint Bernard can’t live there, it just means it might be a little more uncomfortable and exercise will have to be taken into consideration. So for the warm weather dog lovers, here are some breeds that are suitable for your location.

#1 – Border Collie


Border Collies are probably one of the top working dogs today, and their ability to withstand heat helps them keep that ranking.  Having the energy and trainability is one thing, but being able to work in harsh conditions has kept this breed a top choice for many dog enthusiasts in multiple venues.

#2 – Australian Cattle Dog


Bred for herding the toughest of the cattle, Australian Cattle Dogs are excellent at maintaining energy during the hot summer months. If you aren’t working on a farm, these dogs make excellent hiking and running partners, regardless of weather!

#3 – German Shorthaired Pointer


A true working breed, German Shorthaired Pointers are eager to be outside in any type of weather. Bred for water retrieving, they are especially accustomed to the heat with their short coats.

#4 – American Water Spaniel

Photo credit: “Chien d’eau americain champion 1” by Awsguy1 – Own work. Licensed under CC BY-SA 3.0 via Wikimedia Commons.


The American Water Spaniel is a water retrieving dog that excels at hunting and many other dog sports. It’s love of water makes it easy to take out in warmer weather because the breed will generally swim for hours!

#5 – Airedale Terrier


Airedales are the largest of the terrier breeds, and just like the rest of the group, they thrive in hot weather. Their coats allow for easy stripping during the hottest time of the year, making them easy to care for during the heat.

#6 – Whippet


The Whippet is a medium-sized sighthound bred for hunting and racing and due to its thin coat and agility, it does well in warmer climates. They require regular exercise but are fairly relaxed when indoors.

#7 – Chihuahua


Originating in the warm climates of Mexico, Chihuahuas are perfect warm weather dogs. Being so tiny, they are excellent dogs to take anywhere and are perfectly happy laying out with you at the beach or sunbathing in the park.

#8 – Vizsla


This active hunting breed is perfect for hot weather. They are incredible running and hiking companions with a short coat that keeps them cool during the hottest months.

#9 – Italian Greyhound


Italian Greyhounds are one of the best breeds for warmer climates. Their tiny bodies and thin coat don’t offer much protection at all in the cold, but provides easy living in the heat. They are great apartment dogs and shed very little. Because they don’t like the cold, they’ll be happy to sunbath with you outside!

#10 – Chinese Crested


This breed seems like an easy choice with it’s lack of coat, and it’s true! These dogs thrive in warm weather (even the coated variety). But be careful, because they lack the protection of fur, you’ll need to apply sunscreen so your pups don’t get a nasty sunburn.

#11 – Doberman Pinscher


These beautiful guardians have short coats that are perfect for warmer weather. They are excellent hiking and running companions and prefer hotter climates.

#12 – Ibizan Hound


The Ibizan Hound is a beautiful hunting dog from Spain and is very active and intelligent. Its thin coat and body help the breed keep cool while hunting and running in warm weather, so they fair well in hotter climates.

#13 – Greyhound


This large sighthound is used primarily for hunting and racing and it has a nice, thin coat to keep it cool while running. Because of this, it does well in warm-weather climates.

#14 – Weimaraner


The Weimaraner is a German hunting dog known for its uniquely colored coat and eyes. It is a very active and intelligent dog that does well in warm weather and even enjoys strenuous exercise such as hiking and running.

#15 – Australian Kelpie


The Australian Kelpie is another prominent working and herding dog, like the Border Collie. Bred to work long hours in the hot Australian sun, the Kelpie excels at activities in warmer climates.

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