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15 Dogs That Totally Hijacked Their Humans’ Photos

Dogs have a way of stealing our thunder. Mere humans simply can’t compete with all that floofy, wagging adorableness – and the dogs of the world seem to know it! The selfie-snappers, loving couples, and celebrating families in this post are simply no match for their spotlight-hungry pups. These doggos are so determined to hijack every available photo-op that even innocent babies are fair game!

1. Maybe she’s born with it. Maybe it’s Maybelline.

“Nice job on the eyeliner. Mine’s natural…just sayin’.” – This Dog

2. FitPup

What’s better for the soul than a 3.5 mile run? A 12.5 pound dog!

3. Fur-mily Reunion

I think you got the shot, guys!

A post shared by Chris Withers (@cwithersjr) on

4. Yoga Photo Fail

If it’s not Downward Facing Dog we’re not interested.

A post shared by Amy Madrid (@amy_rooo) on

5. Milk & Cookies For Santa Doggo

She’s been good all year…it ends here.

6. A Teachable Moment

He’s supposed to be learning about camping, not canine anatomy, Hank!

7. Breakfast With A View

Know what’s prettier than summer in Norway? This pupper!

A post shared by Ine Seljeseth (@ninnipix) on

8. Nail Art

I wonder if she knows they make Chihuahua nail decals?

A post shared by Meagan (@lovepink8693) on

9. Snack Envy

Kobe is channeling all his canine powers to will this cupcake onto the floor.

A post shared by Gina Gonzalez (@koboberson) on

10. Double the Trouble

Think these pups are after the spotlight or the goo on the baby’s face?

A post shared by missrnla (@missrnla) on

11. What to Expect When You’re Expecting

Expect this dog to make it all about him.

A post shared by Amy Burling (@thelifeofamz) on

12. Peek-A-Boo

Ranger can’t decide if he’s more jealous of the baby or the hedgehog.

A post shared by Kristy Richiuso (@kristyann90) on

13. I Now Pronounce You Husband & Wife…And Dog.

This pup’s scene-stealing stroll ended up being his humans’ favorite wedding photo!

14. Engagement Shoot Shenanigans

When the call of the leaf pile is just too strong…

And the most epic image hijack of all time…

15. The pup who photobombed the Pope!

Even His Holiness has to admit, that’s one cute pup!

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Written by Dina Fantegrossi

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