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15 Signs Your Dog Is Actually Your “Baby”

| Published on December 1, 2015

You can’t stop talking about her. You show everyone you meet pictures of her. She is your pride and joy. Your pup may not be your actual flesh and blood, but you love her like she is your baby.

1.You begin to snap dozens of snoozing shots.

It starts simply enough: you begin by taking  pictures of him sleeping in hilarious places to show all your friends via social media.”He fell asleep in the laundry basket, all by himself!” #puppylove #omgsooocute #laundrybasketpuppy #lol #sillypuppy

Baby Carson
Andrew Bardwell via Flickr

2. …Until your whole social media identity becomes your dog’s.

You begin to realize that withholding such cuteness from the world is simply a disservice, so you keep posting “awww”-inducing photos with witty captions, such as this:

“Nahnahnahnahnahnahnahnah, BAT DOG!” #ears #corgi #batdog #sooocute #ilovehimsooomuch #sleepydog #bedtime #snugglypuppy

Corgi sleeping

3. When he wakes up whimpering at night, you tuck him into bed.

It just happens to be your bed. And your pillow. On your side. Aw shucks, let’s spoon!

tucked in shiba

4. You do your best to help her growing pains.

You’ve taught her to sit, fetch, and pee outside, and you’re there for her as she goes through her teething stage. Even though her puppy teeth are like razor blades, you let her use your hand as a chew toy because that fuzzy face makes you melt. She’s just a wittle baby!

my boss got a new puppy.
allison via Flickr

5. And you start to use human solutions for your puppy’s ailments.

Well, it works for human babies, right? OMG. So. Cute. And then you get more ideas…

dog pacifier


6. And you set up a high chair so your pup can join you at the table.

I mean, a “family dinner” includes the whole family, right?

dog highchair

7. You bring a stroller on long journeys, just in case your fluffbutt’s legs get tired.

Because you like to bring her with you everywhere! Plus, you’ll need it for her to take her afternoon nap.

dog in carriage

8. You love playing silly games with your little buddy.

When summertime rolls around, you can’t wait for him to experience the joys of the beach for the first time! “C’mon Charlie, let me bury you in the sand! HAHA! You look so funny!”

dog games

9. And when time doesn’t allow for a trip to the coast, you fill up the kiddie pool in the backyard. 

Harold just loves swimming in the pool! He could stay in there for hours!”

dog in pool

10. As the weather changes, you make sure your dog enjoys all the fun the season has to offer. 

You may be guilty of raking leaves into a pile just so your favorite fluffer can frolic in them.

dog in leaves


11. And you make sure to keep your little snuggler warm as the weather gets chilly.

At first, you just did it for fun. But when you saw your pooch in that perfectly-sized sweater, it looked so right.

dog sweater

12. And when special occasions roll around, you make sure your little one is a handsome, dapper reflection of you.

The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, folks. He’s a ladies man.

dog dressed up

13. Your pooch is always the star of your annual Christmas card.

…whether he likes it or not. You just want to show him off to everyone because you’re so proud.

Christmas Dog

14. And you always celebrate special occasions together.

Even if he doesn’t know what day it is, you want him to know how special he is to you and your family.

dog birthday

15. Although you two may not be biologically related, you actually resemble each other.

You may not share genetics, but you both like playing outside, snuggling, vanilla ice cream, and making each other happy. It’s pretty clear that the two of you are absolute soulmates, and you couldn’t be a prouder parent of a kiss-giving, unconditionally-loving fur baby.

hand and paw


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