16 Dogs That Will Warm Your Heart One Fire At A Time

We love dogs. We love firefighters. Most importantly, we love fire department dogs… or dogs that just want to pretend to be firefighters. If you’ve been anxiously awaiting your new firefighter calendar, we have just what the doctor ordered. These 16 hometown hero-hounds are sure to get your heart pumping!

1. Only a seasoned professional knows the importance of a good mask seal and a stoic pose.

And to never eat more than your mask will hold.


2. One little spotted probie that’s just trying to make it through his first shift.

Their crew is finally complete!


3. Nothing to see here. Just a battalion chief judging his crew’s cleaning abilities.

Nice knowin’ ya!


4. A sergeant that’s one false alarm past her breaking point.

Because toe pain for two weeks must always be dealt with at 3:00 am.


5. This girl is a real-life cancer survivor just trying to give back to her community.

Superhero status unlocked.


6. You already know this guy starts every shift with a dad joke and a cup of coffee.

What did the Spanish-speaking firefighter call his first son? Hose A.


7. Nothing slips past the inspection when this guy is on the crew.

And you better not call him Sparky!


8. Everyone’s important on the fire ground no matter how much of a small man complex they have.

Don’t be sassy. If the boot fits, wear it.


9. That eye is arguably the cutest uniform of all!

Bars and bugles are sexy, but that eye patch can’t be beat.


10. If she’s not the next Miss July on the fire department calendar, I’m calling the cops!



11. He’s been searching for blinker fluid for the last hour.

Being the new guy is ruff.


12. Just got done testing the hydrant flow… if you know what I mean.

You wild animal.


13. Rule #1: No running on the fire scene. Rule #2: Always wear cute accessories.

Safety over ascots.


14. Because dogs can’t have beer.

But to be fair, they can get away with a lot more than humans can, so it evens itself out.


15. There’s always that one guy that takes pictures on the truck for his OkCupid account. We see you.

…and we’ve definitely found your account.


16. “This picture is NOT for Instagram!” #Bshift #brotherhood #workflow #firstin #firedog #nofilter #blessed

There’s always one on every crew.


Thank you to our firefighters and first responders who keep us safe and to the dogs that make our lives complete!

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