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2 Dogs Hit By Cars Meet At The Same Rescue & Become Inseparable

For pups Thor and Petunia, a very, very bad day turned into the beginning of a beautiful friendship.

Thor, a stunning Shepherd with jet black fur, got struck by a car and broke two of his legs. He was taken to a shelter, but because of his extensive injuries, they couldn’t care for him. Not wanting to resort to euthanasia, they called the  Animals Benefit Club (ABC) in Phoenix, who gladly took him in.

“They said that these beautiful dogs were there and they did not want them to be euthanized and asked if we would we be able to help,” said Andra Jeffress, executive director of the ABC, according to KPNX news.

Thor got bandaged up, but emotionally, he was still broken. That’s when fate stepped in, in the form of a friendly white dog named Petunia.

Image Source: Screen Shot via KPNX
Image Source: Screen Shot via KPNX


You see, Petunia had also had a traumatic day; she, too, had been hit by a car. She’d also been brought to the ABC, and with her friendly and outgoing personality, she couldn’t wait to give Thor a nuzzle and make him feel better.

Dr. Linney, Thor’s veterinarian, said that his patient loves every cuddle from his new pal. “He literally can’t get close enough to her,” he said in the story.

Image Source: Screen Shot via KPNX


And the rest is history. The two, who seem to share a deep connection through their coinciding traumas, are now the best of friends.

“They just adore each other and maybe it’s because they went through something so horrible at the same time. I don’t know, but they’re just darling together,” said Jeffress told KPNX.

Image Source: Screen Shot via KPNX


The emotional support from Petunia will help Thor as he undergoes more surgeries to repair his leg, procedures that will cost around $3,600. But Jeffers says that the pup’s future is looking bright, and despite the medical costs, she is thrilled that the ABC was able to help spare his life.

“He’s a very young dog and still has his baby teeth,” said Jeffress in the news story. “He’s going to be massive in size and has the disposition of an angel. He’s just wonderful, and it would have been a tragedy to euthanize this dog. He’s just amazing.”

If you’d like to donate to help cover costs for Thor and others like him, click here.

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Both of these beautiful dogs are expected to make full recoveries. Everyone who’s been touched by this sweet story is hoping that Thor and Petunia will be adopted together. Let’s keep our fingers crossed–good luck to these two best buddies!

(h/t: KPNX)

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Written by Karen Tietjen
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