21 Funny Social Media Posts That Sing The Praises Of Cats & Dogs

If we had to guess, we bet that you sing to your cats and dogs. It’s probably not just simple singing either. We think you enjoy changing up the lyrics of songs to fit your precious furry ones and all the things that make them so cute. And there’s no shame in such lyrical prowess. We do the same, singing our own purrsonal remixes loud and proud! How can you not when you love your furry bestie so much!

And lucky for us, because there are so many doting fur parents in the world, social media never runs short of the furred or the funny!

So let’s sing the song of fantastic felines and adorable hounds with this week’s best social media posts about cats and dogs!

21 Social Media Posts That Sing The Comedic Praises of Cats & Dogs

#1 – Sound on for a pawesome example of a furry remix!

@crayzee_cat 😸😸 #dollyparton #jolene #cats #catsoftiktok #parody #cute #funny #comedy #countrymusic ♬ Jolene cat parody – Merry & Pippin

#2 – Some songs lend themselves quite nicely.

@thebernerbunch Life is never boring with Weller😂 #bernesemountaindog #dogsofttiktok #bernese #dogsoftiktok #puppytok #nothingwrongwithme ♬ Bodies – Drowning Pool

#3 – Absolute purrfection

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#4 – Sure hope so!

#5 – It’s quite the flavor burst…

#6 – Dogs are good about reminding us to chill

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#7 – You’ve always been my ginger hero!

#8 – Get your dog a dog!

@hunsonthestaffy #TheLabPack #honeythebluemerlestaffy #fyp #xyzbca ♬ Monkeys Spinning Monkeys – Kevin MacLeod & Kevin The Monkey

#9 – Expurrt level stealth…

#10 – Looks about right…

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#11 – Agreed!

#12 – Pure talent.

#13 – The taste of betrayal…

#14 – Siblings can be so rude.

@zeekethebeast #fy #fyp #corgi #doggo #dog #fypシ ♬ original sound – Zac Courbat

#15 – Ain’t that the truth.

#16 – It’s the sign for which cats have been waiting. The time for feline dominion is nigh. Or, it’s just a super cute cat cloud. Good either way.

#17 – Seems legit…

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#18 – oops.

#19 – So special.

#2o – In response to cats who don’t text back, the dogs want you to know they’ll never leave you on read.

#21 – Innocent…case dismissed!

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Feature Image: @tododiacaes/Twitter & @cabbagecatmemes/Instagram

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