21 Hilarious Cat & Dog Posts To Help You Get Your Fill Of Laughter

Social media and animals go together like peanut butter and jelly. But lucky for us, funny cat and dog posts contain no calories; serving up only the laughter and good feels vital to a fantastic day. So, if you’re hungry for laughs, there’s always plenty to be found in the Facebook feeds. If Twitter is your main dish, the clowning hounds are plenty. And if Instagram is your jam, we’ve got cat loaves to go with it.

Oh, but the feast doesn’t stop there. With TikTok and Reddit on the table, too, you’ve got funny enough to leave you with leftover laughs. You’d better grab your prefurred drink to wash down this plateful of sweet dogs and salty cats!

Help Yourself to These Funny Dogs and Cats

#1 – Cats can survive any Squid Game.

#2 – Is there any other way?

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#3 – Who says cats are dramatic?

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#4 – Ronny is a handsome doggo!

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#5 – Owl Kitty is coming for your cat food!

#6 – Catching food in your mouth always makes you feel cool, whether you’re dog or human!

#7 – It’s simple, really.

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#8 – We don’t deserve dogs!

#9 – Grab the paper towels and vote feline!

#10 – Normalize silent mornings!

#11 – Eww…

#12 – Well, what do we have here?


#13 – Sure enough.

#14 – Is this your first day behind the wheel, Karen?

#15 – Listen, mom

@walter.the.catt Gus telling me how it is #cat #catsoftiktok #foryourpage ♬ original sound – Walter 🐅

#16 – Max thinks a snip for a snip is only fair…

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#17 – Cats are always a special case…

#18 – Fess up, human!

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#19 – Nothing to see here…just a cat teaching himself to skate.

@kixi_cat yeti is learning to skateboard before me 😂#catsoftiktok #fyp #cat ♬ original sound – Valley Himalayans Cats&kittens

#20 – Dogs delight in destruction.

#21 – You’re kidding, right?

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Feature Image: FuFu’s Cat House/Facebook

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